Aliens, Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection Getting Remastered 4K Release

alien, aliens 3 And Alien Resurrection All remade in 4K at the recently launched Disney+ Central Star. The most popular sci-fi/horror movies will also be available in 4K Blu-ray format. The Ridley Scott series celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019, and while Alien has a special 40th anniversary 4K release, the other three films in the original series do not.

The sequel to James Cameron’s original 1979 film, arguably the fan-favorite Alien movie, pushed the film to the next level, taking both the genre and Cameron as a producer that paved the way for the film. the future of mankind. Unfortunately, the next two films in this hugely successful series did not receive such a high level of appreciation. To this day, even Alien 3 director David Fincher claims that no one hated the movie as much as he did, and 1997’s Alien Resurrection didn’t do much at the box office or with fans. point. That said, there’s no shortage of people who feel that while these two films may not be on the same level as Alien and Alien, they’re actually still important parts of the series.

For fans in particular, Disney’s latest decision to remake and release Alien, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection in 4K is great news. In addition to releasing an improved version on Disney+’s adult-centric Star, the trilogy will also be available as an Alien Collection 4K bundle on Blu-ray, The Digital Fix has reported. Unfortunately, the new set won’t be released until 2022, and there’s no confirmation on what supplements might be included. There’s no confirmation when all three movies will make their Star debut, but sources say they’re currently in the process of a remake.

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Disney+’s Star Hub was created to focus on adult TV and movies on the streaming service. The House of Mouse has been known over the years for its firm, family-friendly stance, sometimes criticized for its willingness to edit or censor content it deems inconsistent with its policies. . When Disney+ first launched, one of the main criticisms was that due to the company’s family-friendly reputation, it would miss out on customers who wanted to watch movies and TV shows that weren’t exclusive to Disney+. family/children. But with Star up and running, movies like Alien are officially taken care of.

For the fans eager to see the 4K remake right now alien, alien And Alien Resurrection, the fact that there is no exact release date is certainly frustrating. The flip side to this, however, is that the movies will eventually come out, and so far Disney is off to a good start with Interstellar, delving into a catalog of movies that many people are excited to see from different angles. together.

Source: Digital Recovery

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