Blue Lock Chapter 226 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Fans witnessed the Ubers launch another counterattack as main striker Marc Snuffy managed to intercept Yukimiya’s pass to Isagi, with spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 226. However, as the team’s ace no longer wanted to follow the main striker’s plan, things did not turn out as Snuffy had hoped. In the previous chapter, Gagamaru stopped Barou’s shot, throwing the ball to Isagi, who launched Bastard Munchen’s counterattack. Isagi joined Noa and Yukimiya. However, Yukimiya and Isagi were left alone to continue the attack, and soon after Aiku fouled Noa. Unfortunately, Snuffy managed to steal the ball from them, considering they weren’t on the same wavelength.

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Raw Scans

The title of the next chapter will be Retirement Notice, according to the spoilers of Blue Lock chapter 226. As Snuffy’s world-class brain managed to notice a small mistake made by Yukimiya, the chapter will continue from the previous chapter. He started a new counterattack from Ubers, stealing the ball. Spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 226 then focused on Isagi’s long monologue. Even though his attachment pattern was perfect, he was frustrated and failed due to minor miscommunication. However, as Isagi felt that if he was a competent striker, he should have scored from a received pass, he did not blame Yukimiya Kenya. Isagi didn’t have much time to think about his latest attack and immediately went on the defensive to stop Uber’s attack. However, Uber seemed to be in complete control as more players came to the front, making the front row quite crowded. Since Gagamaru couldn’t see where Barou’s punch could come from, the swell of the crowd left him confused.

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Blue Lock Chapter 226 Raw Scans

However, with Isagi getting back on the ball, he was able to see Barou’s positioning and when he could shoot the ball. So he watched the position of each player and tried to make the most of his motivation. Isagi was very disappointed in Barrow’s behavior. Although he understood that Uber’s tactics were designed to help the entire team win, Barrow didn’t feel as if he had been tamed. Everyone expected Barou to shoot when he received the last ball from Don Lorenzo. Barrow refrained from shooting the ball. Therefore, fans will be able to see Barrow play with his own style of play in the next chapter. Bastard Munchen might have a hard time adjusting to Uber, with this sudden change.

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Raw Scans

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