Fact check: Is Premanand Ji Maharaj dead or alive? Death hoax debunked

The internet is awash with reports of the death of Premanand Ji Maharaj. Is the Indian religion guru really dead or is this all just a hoax? Find it now. Aniruddh Kumar Panday is the full name of Premananda Ji Maharaja. He is a member of the Bhraman family. Premananda Swami’s teacher is Shri Hit Govind Saran Maharaj ji. He visits the Shri Kalikunj ashram, a temple of Lord Krishna Maharaj, in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. He has a simple, easy and attractive demeanor, and if you listen to what they say, you might become one of his devotees.

Is Premanand Ji Maharaj dead or alive?

Premanand ji Maharaj, a famous Indian guru, has reportedly passed away, sparking a wave of ambiguity and confusion. While rumors of his death continue to dominate headlines, there are doubts about his veracity as there is still no official confirmation online. Numerous movies of the religious leader have surfaced on YouTube, fueling fascination and raising questions about his relevance. Without solid proof of the date of filming, it’s impossible to say if these movies are recent or old material. There is no verified citation from any official source supporting the death of Premanand Ji Maharaj as of July 2023. As a result, many have cautiously questioned the veracity of the report.

In addition to the death claims, there have also been health issues with the guru. It is common knowledge that Swami Ji has two damaged kidneys, a circumstance that would otherwise raise questions about his health. Premanand Ji Maharaj, however, is known for leading a seemingly healthy life despite having kidney problems, astounding people with his strength. The alleged death of Premanand Ji Maharaj is still under investigation and the public is waiting for official confirmation or denial of the reports from reliable sources. Meanwhile, the mystery deepens as supporters and well-wishers continue to search for answers amid conflicting data.

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Another facet of the famed religious guru’s life is being revealed amid the uproar over reports of his death. After his passing was announced, his unwavering determination in the face of a long health battle against polycystic kidney disease (PCD) was revealed. Swami Ji struggled with this hereditary disorder for 15 to 20 years, but showed incredible perseverance in leading a healthy lifestyle and following his spiritual practices. An inherited condition known as polycystic kidney disease is characterized by the growth of many fluid-filled cysts or sacs on the surface of the kidney.

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