Find out if you have the sharp eye to spot a lurking deer in 6 seconds

Nathaly Vizarreta 23.07.2023 21:25. m.

The visual challenge They are a great way to challenge our minds and nourish our minds. Right from childhood, we start training our brains with games that we shouldn’t stop practicing as adults without even realizing it. The more difficult the challenges and the fewer people manage to solve them, the more satisfied we are in finding solutions.

Last week I shared the challenge ‘Do you have the best eyesight? Find a horse in 8 seconds” and “Challenge your senses and find 2 differences between pictures of bicycles in 3 seconds”. Today I present to you something that will require you to sharpen your vision to the maximum. To do this you will test your observation and keep your mind sharp, because this challenge requires a lot of attention and will help you discover the smallest of details.

Can you find the deer in this picture?

There is something hidden in this picture and you only have 6 seconds to find it. You can? If your answer is yes, the first thing you should do is focus. If you’re familiar with challenges of this kind, you’ll know the basics of hidden object detection. Imagine a deer in your mind and now look closely at the photo. Time begins… now!

VISION CHALLENGE | Are you ready for this challenge? Find the deer in the picture in just 6 seconds and show your connection with nature.

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A solution to a visual challenge

Three, two, one… Time! If you’ve given up or lost 6 seconds and can’t locate a deer, don’t worry or feel bad. You are not among those who succeeded, but now you can spend a little more time or continue reading to discover the solution to the puzzle. You can also share the image with your friends to see if they can find it.

On the other hand, if you find the animal, congratulations! It hasn’t been easy and I congratulate you for making it in such a short time. I encourage you to try other visual challenges. In this case, the deer is at the top of the picture:

CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE |  In this photo, I've circled the deer in red.CHALLENGE VISION CHALLENGE | In this photo, I’ve circled the deer in red.

Ready for the challenge? Try to solve this demanding visual test

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