Friendly animals. How the dog reacts to the new owner as a sign of gratitude

Touching and heartfelt moment when a dog from a shelter is grateful to its new owner for adopting it.

Kayla Filoon cares for pets in Philadelphia at an animal shelter. He loves animals very much. He has always devoted his love to animals.

Russ is four years old. He went to the shelter. He is very timid. He has problems with He has skin problems and diseases and is battling kennel cough. Moreover, he has no hair on his ears and tail. It is also very thin. It looks so weak. He weighs about 40 pounds.

Kayla realized that after hanging out with Russ, the dog was very sweet and obedient. Kayla and Russ enjoyed walking together. He also loves cuddling with him. He is very intelligent, polite and the proof that he already has an owner is that he obeys the orders of his new owner. He did this with love and care.

After going for a walk, Kayla really liked the dog. She called her mother and announced that she was going to adopt Russ.

When Kayla finished her lecture, she went to the shelter and rode with Russ. He just sat in the passenger seat and was very sweet and smart.

When they returned to the shelter, Kayla realized that she couldn’t go home without him.

The staff were a little scared when they realized they were going to adopt him. They also carry pet adoption papers. She took Russ home that same day.

Russ is like a gift to Kayla. It filled her life. This story is about kindness and the strong bond between animals and people, in this case the dog and Kayla.

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