Jelly Belly Adds Two New Stomach-Turning Flavors to BeanBoozled Jelly Bean Pack

Jelly Belly’s newest flavors won’t satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

The candy brand has unveiled two new jelly bean flavors: Burnt Rubber and Wet Dog. The nauseating candies are part of the latest iteration of BeanBoozled, a game of chance where each pack features identical-looking jelly beans with wildly different flavors. Some packages even come with a wheel to help the adventurous choose which beans to eat.

The latest package contains black jelly beans that may be burnt gum or licorice; and yellow and brown spotted jelly beans that taste like Wet Dog or Top Banana.

BeanBoozled has been a devilish favorite of kids since it was first released in 2007. Every few years since then, Jelly Belly has released a new Russian Roulette-style edition of the game, swapping out a few gross flavors for others. Earlier versions had flavors like canned dog food (which resembled chocolate pudding), Centipede (which resembled strawberry jam), or Dirty Dishwater (which resembled birthday cake).

Pairs of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans look and smell the same, but have very different flavors.

Jelly Belly

Burnt Rubber and Wet Dog join eight more stomach-turning flavors in the seventh edition of BeanBoozled. Tutti-Frutti looks deceptively similar to Stinky Socks. Berry Blue is mistaken for toothpaste. Peach and Barf are both orange with red spots. Toasted marshmallow mimics a stink bug. Juicy Pear and Booger look identical. Pomegranate is the sweet counterpart to Old Bandage. Cappuccino and liver and onions have a matching appearance. And the Strawberry Banana Smoothie looks interchangeable with dead fish.

While half of the flavors are fan favorites and the other half sound sick, all of the jellies are edible.

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To celebrate the latest flavors, Jelly Belly is partnering with toy brand Wilder to also sell BeanBoozled Taste the Truth. Players ask each other personal questions and correct answers are rewarded with normal Jelly Belly and incorrect answers get abnormal beans. Unlike regular BeanBoozled packages, the sweet beans are separated from the unattractive ones.

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