Mystery ‘new friends’ who were last to see Jay Slater reveal final conversation they had with teen before he vanished

A FRIEND of missing Jay Slater has revealed more about the British teenager’s last movements before he disappeared in Tenerife.

Lucy Law, the last person to speak to Jay, said she found the two men who had seen him just an hour before he disappeared.


Jay Slater (19) went missing on Monday in TenerifeJay's friend Lucy Law was the last person to speak to him


Jay’s friend Lucy Law was the last person to speak to himMountain Rescue, Police and Firefighters scour the hills for Jay in northern Tenerife


Mountain Rescue, Police and Firefighters scour the hills for Jay in northern Tenerife

While visiting the island for a festival, Jay (19) left a rave on Sunday night with two people he had just met and was driven back to their accommodation.

The next morning he called Lucy to tell her that his phone was going to break and he was stranded in the middle of nowhere.

He was reported missing an hour later, prompting a massive four-day search to find him.

About 15 family members and friends flew to help – with police, firefighters, sniffer dogs, drones and helicopters searching the hills where he was last seen.

Jay’s panicked loved ones have had to wade through a barrage of sick messages from trolls claiming to have abducted the teenager.

It comes as…

Lucy told Sky on Wednesday that they were able to find the exact place he was staying on Sunday night – a 10-hour walk from Jay’s hotel.

She said: “We managed to find the house. I knocked on the door and there were two people there.”

The mystery couple told Lucy Jay that they had gone out to buy cigarettes before returning to their flat.

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When he returned, he told them he wanted to go home to his accommodation.

Lucy said: “I was told he spoke to the neighbors and they told him there was a bus to Los Cristianos every 10 minutes.

“The bus stop was right next to the house.

“So obviously he wouldn’t have gotten lost because he had gone to get the bus [the stop] was visible from the front door.”

Not long after Jay first disappeared, an American woman offered to take Lucy to the mountains where he was last seen so she could look for him.

An emotional Lucy said: “We drove all day” but there was “literally no sign of him anywhere”.

Lucy previously described his disappearance as “strange and suspicious”, adding that “something strange is going on”.


Worried mum Debbie Duncan said the past few days had been a “living nightmare” as she tearfully pleaded for help.

She told ITN last night: “It’s just an absolute living nightmare. It’s like a dream – like it’s not happening, it really is. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

“I just want my child back. Please, anyone who can help, look for him. It’s a huge area up there, huge.

“It has been more than 48 hours since he was last in contact with anyone.

“He’s out there somewhere or someone knows where he is. We just need to find my child.”

The devastated mum flew to the island on Tuesday as rescuers frantically searched for Jay around the clock.


Police searched the teenager’s hotel room in the tourist resort of Los Cristianos on Wednesday, where his distraught mum is waiting for news.

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Jay was sharing a room in a three-star apartment complex after flying out with Lucy and colleague Brad to the NGR festival in Tenerife.

Police, who yesterday vowed to be “open-minded” about his disappearance, scanned his accommodation for clues.

But Jay’s mom said “there was nothing wrong there.”

She explained: “The police were in Jay’s room today. I was in his room too.

“But everything at Jay’s was neatly hung up, it’s just a normal room and there’s nothing wrong there.”

After searching his room with officers, she said: “His passport was there along with all his euros which I have now.

“I’m not sure he had any money on him when he made his last call to his friend Lucy on Monday morning before he disappeared.

“I haven’t slept since this all started and I don’t plan to go up to the search site now.

“I just want to be here if he shows up, but I have a bad feeling. They warn me that there are many bad people in Tenerife.”

Timeline of Jay Slater’s disappearance

Ellie Doughty, foreign news reporter


Jay is going to rave at the 2024 NRG music festival in Tenerife, around Arona in the south of the island

20.35 – Jay posts a smiling Snapchat video of himself laughing with friends

He leaves the rave with two men he met that day and is taken back to their accommodation on the other side of the island


7.30am – Jay posts a Snapchat of his hand holding a cigarette in the area where he was staying – near Rural Park de Teno in the north of the island

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8.30am – Jay calls his friend Lucy Law and tells her he’s missed the bus, has one per cent battery left on his phone and is stuck in the “middle of nowhere”.

9am – A missing persons report is filed and the search for Jay begins


2am – The police knock on the door of Jay’s mum Debbie Duncan’s home and tell her to catch the first flight to Tenerife

7am – She flies from Manchester Airport along with her son Zak to help with the search

Debbie was sent a Snapchat message that read: “Kiss your boy goodbye, you’ll never see him again, he owes me a lot of money.”


12:30 – After a false sighting, the police briefly move the search to the south of the island

Cops search his hotel room for clues as his mum says ‘there was nothing wrong’

Debbie gives heart-wrenching interview in which she talks about fears he was “kidnapped” and says “I just want my baby back”


Officers begin the fourth day of a massive manhunt for Jay

Jay Slater's mum Debbie Duncan spoke to reporters last night about her missing son


Jay Slater’s mum Debbie Duncan spoke to reporters last night about her missing son

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