Only people with ‘eagle-eyed vision’ can spot the hidden cat within 10 secs in optical illusion – so can you?

Think you have above average eyesight and are good at noticing small details?

A new image has gone viral as people struggle to spot a cat hiding among the plants.


Can you find the missing cat in this picture? Credit: Reddit

A stray moggie is hard to spot as they blend into the background.

If you can spot a cat within 10 seconds, you’re one of the few with hawk vision.

But it sure leaves people scratching their heads.

If you need a hint, you can refer to the left side of the image.

And if you’re still not sure, don’t worry.

We’ve included the answer below so you can find out where the cat has been hiding all along.

Will you be able to detect it?

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for people who want to not only test their eyesight, but also their mental ability.

If this seems too easy, or too hard, why not try these riddles?

Try to find seven differences between these caricatures created by the artist Gergely Dudás.

Or if you prefer puzzles related to nature, try to locate the four wolves in this impressive optical illusion.

And if horror games are your thing, try this brain teaser, in which we challenge you to identify the creepy faces in this seemingly innocent photo in just 12 seconds.

Did you manage to locate the cat?


Did you manage to locate the cat?

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