Uma finally breaks silence on Love Island shock exit and explains why she quit villa

UMA Jammeh has finally broken her silence after sensationally leaving the Love Island mansion.

Uma, 23, made a dramatic exit from the mansion after Wil Anderson, also 23, was dumped in scenes yet to be aired.

Uma has broken her silence after sensationally leaving Love Island


Uma has broken her silence after sensationally leaving Love IslandCredit: ErotemeShe left with Wil after he was dumped


She left with Wil after he was dumped Credit: ErotemeFans were furious with Wil after he tried to defend his behavior at Casa Amor


Fans were furious with Wil after he tried to defend his behavior at Casa Amor. Credits: Eroteme

Now she has spoken for the first time about her shocking decision to leave.

Revealing the reason for her departure, Uma said: “I knew where my head and heart were and that was with Wil, so I wanted to be true to my feelings for him.”

Uma also shared her and Wil’s plans for their relationship once they return to reality.

She continued: “We can’t wait to just do normal things outside, stay in and eat out and go on sweet dates.

“Wil wants to take me to Whitley Bay to see where he’s from, but we’ve also discussed his possible move to London so I’m looking forward to the future with him. The only way is from here.”

Although Wil and Uma’s date hasn’t aired yet, fans insisted they discovered the ‘real reason’ she decided to leave with him after last night’s episode.

During a conversation with Uma, Wil told her that he would follow her if she left the mansion.

Viewers were also left confused after Uma broke down in tears following clips of Wil kissing Casa Amor bombshell Lucy Graybill, which aired during Movie Night.

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As Uma sobbed, she told him, “You fucking embarrassed me, and you embarrassed yourself, you fucking loser.”

Despite her devastation, Will didn’t seem to regret his actions.

Love Island fans find the ‘real reason’ Uma left the villa after Wil was dumped

He told his partner “I wanted to do it”, before adding that he was on Love Island all to himself.

Horrified fans took to social media to complain about him, with one saying: “Wil has NO remorse or regard for her feelings. He’s like a supervillain.”

Another raged: “Wil is actually SICK IN THE HEAD.”

A third added: “The most disgusting being on the show is Wil. My blood was boiling the whole time, he has no respect for Uma.”

Love Island series 11 – quarrels in the villa

No edition of Love Island is complete without its fair share of drama – and series 11 is no different. Here’s a look at some of the fiercest feuds so far.

  • Joey Essex & Samantha Kenny: Samantha entered the villa on day one and was initially in a relationship with Sam Taylor. However, Samantha was ‘stolen’ by Joey, the first bombshell of series 11. She was ‘left behind’ on Day 16 – and the make-up artist said she was brutally belittled by Joey in the villa – although it never made it to air.
  • Matilda Draper & Jess White: While Matilda arrived as a bomb on Day 12, Jess was part of the original line-up. The two clashed at Casa Amor, over Jess’ frustration that Matilda was talking to new guy Hugo Godfroy – who Jess had previously been dating.
  • Harriet Blackmore & Jess White: The two women were caught in a love triangle for most of the show’s time. The pair argued over Ronnie Vint, 27, of Greenwich, who was eventually left with Harriett.
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