What Happened To The Love Is Blind Season 3 Couples After The Show

Love is blind The third season premiered the episode “After the Altar” on Friday and updated viewers with the five couples. Although not all lovers can go to the altar, Love is blind The initial success rate of the third season is higher than that of the previous season. Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton are still married a year after choosing each other at the altar, while Raven Ross and SK Alagbada are engaged until the end of 2022.

Besides stories of happy couples, Love is blind Part 3 behind the altar The series includes couples who broke up this season: Nancy Rodriguez, Batis Bowden, Zanab Jaffrey, and Cole Barnett. Both couples go to the altar but both decide not to have a wedding, leading to chaos in their wedding. Episodes of “After the Altar” and all Love is blind The couple’s third season has brought some surprising revelations.

Still Married: Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux

Alexa and Brennon are among the fastest to get engaged Love is blind third volume. The unlikely duo seemed to know right away that they were a match and that their arrival at the altar was certain. Despite their very different backgrounds, the couple spent their first year of marriage and spent most of their screen time. behind the altar The episode talks about their future where they want to have an extended family. They come from very different family backgrounds and getting together seems to be one of their top priorities.

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Farewell: Nancy Rodriguez and Batis Bowden

Love is blind Season 3’s Nancy and Bartis, who were fan favorites at the start of the season, had tough but open and honest conversations with each other. Battis to appear on Netflix’s new reality dating show perfect comboYounger than Nancy, he ultimately chose not to marry Nancy even though he firmly believed he was ready for a serious relationship. Their breakup was dramatic, involving Nancy’s extended family and Love is blind During the season three reunion, Battis quickly recovered from the pair’s separation.

inside behind the altar In this episode, Bartis and Nancy reveal that they still keep in touch after breaking up. While they haven’t reunited, the line between the two has clearly been blurred. Nancy has even stated several times that she will be on Bartis’ lap when they go out. Although Nancy knew her family would not approve of her being with Bartis, she felt she needed to end the relationship. In the end, she decides that the attachment is unhealthy, since neither of them want to be together romantically, and tells Battis that they should go their separate ways forever.

Still Married: Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton

Polarizing Matt and Colleen Love is blind Actor season three. Many viewers are worried about their relationship because Matt seems short-tempered and has many unresolved issues from past relationships. Colleen, on the other hand, seems to let Matt do things with her to his will, slightly inclined to give in. In the end, the couple worked out some issues and got married, even after the show announced that they wanted to have a second wedding after the show aired. Love is blind. In an episode of “After the Altar,” Matt and Colleen are excited about their relationship and thinking about the future. Although the two did not live together for long, they enjoyed their relationship and learned to compromise when buying a home.

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Farewell: Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett

Love is blind Zanab and Kerr may be the most controversial couple of the season. Things started going south when the couple got engaged and they immediately felt the difference in their experience outside of the group. Despite their best efforts to resolve the issue, Zanab felt that Cole had belittled her personality and belittled her, while Cole felt that Zanab was too serious to compromise. The pair make their way to the altar, where Cole is about to get married, but Zanab rejects him with harsh words, and they go their separate ways. During the reunion, Zarnab made accusations against Cole that he looked down on her and criticized her weight in a negative way. Cole is taken aback and their relationship turns things upside down.

During this period behind the altar In this episode, Cole and Zanab finally talk after almost a year of no contact. Although neither of them expected the conversation, they eventually decided to sit down and talk about their troubled relationship. While their conversation was challenging, the two reached an impasse. She is surprised when Cole explains that he feels Zanab lied to him about their relationship. Cole said he thought they agreed to continue their relationship even though they weren’t married, while Zanab didn’t understand that. The two didn’t agree on anything about the mess, but ended up breaking up as amicably as possible.

Still together and apart: Raven Ross and SK Alagbada

Love is blind The story of the Raven and SK couple is one of the most dramatic of the season. As the pair seemed to be getting married, SK confused Raven by rejecting her at the altar. After SK explained that he needed more time to marry Raven, the two resolved the issue and got back together. They announced they were dating in a special reunion.

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for most people behind the altar In particular, Raven and SK are in long-distance love. As SK lived in California for most of his school days and Raven traveled back and forth for most of the year, the couple’s relationship grew stronger. Near the end of the episode, SK proposed to Raven with a complicated surprise and a gorgeous ring, but after a few months, their engagement ended. Love is blind Viewers gave an update at her apartment, explaining that SK cheated on her, but she moved on and lived well without him.

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