Wife Goes Viral for Sharing What Husband Packs Her for Lunch — Including Butter and Bottles of BBQ Sauce (Exclusive)

  • Annie and Janson Hoskins like to help each other pack lunches when they can
  • Annie shared what Janson packed in his lunch, and what fans are now calling the couple’s “chaotic lunches,” went viral because people had never seen a place like this
  • The couple tells PEOPLE they never expected one funny moment in their marriage to go viral, but they’ve grown to love the community they’ve built around their mealtime antics

A husband’s interpretation of what his wife needs for lunch has gone viral after it turned into a series of “chaotic lunches”.

Annie, on Tiktok @ahoskins917, never expected to go viral for sharing her husband’s silly but effective way to pack her weekday lunch. A high school teacher introduced the packed lunches in a TikTok video last month.

“I spent a long time packing Janson’s lunch because he left earlier in the morning than I did. Then he got a new job and I had to leave much earlier,” she tells PEOPLE.

“So he started packing my lunches, just to make my life easier, and I don’t know how the chaos started,” she says with a laugh.

The viral video shows Annie sitting at her desk assessing what Janson packed for her because she couldn’t put it in the fridge.

“I just got to school and I had nothing to do that morning. I thought, ‘I see a lot of people packing their kids’ lunches. I’m going to do one like ‘My husband packed me a lunch.’ ”

In the video, she begins, “In today’s episode my husband packed me a lunch. I have to go through it first thing in the morning because it won’t fit in my fridge. It’s going to be nasty.”

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It starts by pulling out a family-sized bag of pretzel chips and an entire package of Laughing Cow cheese.

“That’s like one of my favorite things,” she says, moving on to, “A bottle of barbecue sauce that didn’t have a cap on it.”

Then he pulls out: “Sweetie … from my cutie.”

He then pulls out a container full of liquid, which he recognizes as melted butter after holding it for a short time. Lunch also includes a skirt steak and a full package of King’s Hawaiian rolls.

“Let me decipher this,” she says, explaining Janson’s thought process. “Butter on a Hawaiian roll with a steak on it as a sandwich dipped in Open Pit, with a side of laughing cow cheese and pretzels, and an afternoon snack of sweets.”

Taking a moment to think about it, she says, “Not a bad lunch. I didn’t need this much, but I’m grateful.”

Clearing up the spice controversy, Annie admits that the butter wasn’t actually melted when it was packaged.

“People were so mad that that butter melted and it was just because I left my lunch bag, which was a Walmart bag, on the floor of the car and I was warming up,” she says. “So he didn’t send me with melted butter; I accidentally melted it on my way to work.”

The viral moment has since racked up more than 2 million views as people comment on the couple’s dynamic and the resulting lunches.

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Janson tells PEOPLE there is a method to his madness.

“My office is only five minutes away, so I could leave much later in the morning,” Janson says. “We’ve both had bariatric surgery, so we can’t really eat much. Some days we’re hungrier than others, so I didn’t know how much she could eat.”

“So I said, ‘Well, I’ll just give her the ingredients, and then she can eat as much or as little as she thinks she can throughout the day.’ ”

Annie also admits: “I’m also unusually particular about it – not what I eat per se, but how it’s put together. My family gives me a hard time because I eat things in a very specific way. So a lot of times they send me things in ingredient form, that way I can put them together the way I’m actually going to eat them.”

She was surprised when commenters thought Janson was intentionally doing a “bad job” of packing her lunch, noting that’s what they’re comfortable with.

“He simply packed my lunch, so I went ahead with it and by the second the people were already together,” she says. “[The comments] were like, ‘This is ridiculous. What’s wrong with him?’ ”

Janson decided to start defending his method with his own videos, offering a glimpse of him putting together “chaotic lunches.”

“After a few videos, I saw a few people say, ‘We’d love to see him do that.’ And so I used to have TikTok to watch funny videos, but I’d never say I was trying to be a content creator in any way to get a few more followers.’ ”

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While Annie jokes that her commenters “strong-armed” him into sharing his process, she’s happy that Janson started sharing with their community, who now calls them “Mr. and Mrs. Sweet,” after the daily snack he packs for her.

Janson still gets flack here and there, like when Annie packed fondue supplies.

“Everyone gives me a hard time about the fondue comments, but it’s my favorite. That’s where I got really fired up with the green apples dipped in the Worcestershire sauce fondue,” she explains. “Everyone raved about it, but it’s a snack I thoroughly enjoy.”

“Also, the little steak sandwiches, again, made it even more fun because everyone was so mad that he didn’t put them together for me. But everything he packs for me is my favorite food. He knows what I eat.”

The couple has enjoyed building a community focused on celebrating their silliness with others.

“It was a lot of fun. I got so much serotonin, all the good endorphins from giggling with people,” says Annie.

“I feel like we have people who are invested, not just in my lunches, but … they want to see what we’re doing. We just got back from Mexico and they hoped we had fun. They’re invested in us and I’d love to follow them and see what they’re up to.”

Janson also enjoys the connection, adding, “I think mostly because we’re both extroverts, we just like talking to people in the comments so that’s probably the best part of it all.”

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