You have 20/20 vision if you can spot three moles hiding in blank blue screen – most people can only see two creatures

PUZZLE fanatics have been scratching their heads as they try to find the hidden moles in this tricky-looking illusion.

The creatures are lurking somewhere on the blank blue screen.


Can you find the moles hidden in this illusion?Credit: Lenstore  

The puzzle’s creator, Lenstore, has said that most readers can pick out one or two moles.

But only a handful of people can see all three moles.

The moles are different sizes, making the puzzle even more tricky to solve.

Why not have a go and see if you can find the moles?

Readers having trouble finding the moles should look at the picture and see if they can spot any animal features such as a head or tail.

From there, they should be able to identify the hidden animals in the picture.

If that brain teaser was too easy, see if you can spot the nibbled piece of cake in a busy birthday-themed picture.

Or, if the sight test proved to be a head-scratcher, try and find the iconic cartoon character Mario in this animation.

Can you beat the clock by spotting the three differences in these two cartoons in under 10 seconds?

Viewers might be able to say they have the eyes of an eagle if they can spot the cat among the plants.

Readers might be able to say they’re part of the top 45 percent if they can spot the two words in this picture that’s left heads spinning.

Did you find all three moles?


Did you find all three moles?Credit: Lenstore  

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