You need 20/20 vision to spot the pelican hidden in holiday scene in less than 10 seconds

PUZZLE fans were challenged to find the hidden pelican in this photo in ten seconds.

The picturesque scene shows several boats lined up in the bright blue water.


Can you see a pelican in less than ten seconds? Credit:

But somewhere well camouflaged sits a bored pelican.

Brain teasers are a great way to get your gears turning and test your powers of observation.

They can also help improve cognitive functioning and the ability to learn.

To solve this in less than ten seconds, you will need to concentrate very hard.

If you find it difficult, try to focus your attention on the boats ahead.

And if you still can’t make out the flapping of the wings, try looking around the center of the photo.

But if you really can’t see a pelican, scroll down to find the answer.

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Couldn’t find it in time?

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The bird hides in one of the ships.


A bird hides on one of the boats Credit:

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