10 Best Animated Haunted House Movies To Watch Before Netflix’s The House

Netflix Original Miniseries to premiere on January 14, 2022 House is a three-part animated comedy horror film that caters to all ages. The stop-motion anthology series tells three separate stories set in a creepy haunted house reminiscent of the most haunting animated horror films of the genre. Mostly creepy animated stuff that pops up at night in a relatively cramped indoor location.

Horror anime fans who haven’t watched House Or those who are waiting for the fate of a potential part 2 better prepare by watching the best and scariest animated movies about haunted houses.

Coraline – Play on Roku

An absolute masterpiece of stop motion animation, Oscar nominated Coral Received artistic acclaim from Henry Selick Nightmare before Christmas Reach a whole new level of excellence. Dakota Fanning stars as Coraline, a lonely and eccentric young girl who enters another world through a portal in her estranged childhood home.

In addition to brilliant animation, the film captures children’s imagination Coral Like very few other films, Coraline allows audiences to identify and empathize with one strange creature after another.

Monster House – Stream on Netflix

DJ, Chowder and Jenny approach the house in Monster House

Produced by Hollywood legends Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, monster room is an expensive computer-animated feature that horror fans of all ages should check out. The plot involves three young friends discovering that a strange settlement is a creature with terrifying motives.

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Aside from state-of-the-art motion capture animation and real thrills and thrills for younger audiences, the final story is an uplifting tale of teenage friendships from which everyone can draw. valuable life lessons. Plus, the movie has lots of fun easter eggs related to Stephen King books and movies, giving the movie self-reflection that adds to the fun.

ParaNorman – Stream on Netflix

Norman approaches a haunted house in ParaNorman

One of the best haunted house cartoon characters, normal person is a wonderful story about a misjudged boy who returns to being himself with newfound confidence. When a strange curse haunts his town of Blithe Hollow, Norman must use his ability to speak to the dead to quell a terrifying onslaught of zombies, witches, ghosts, and vampires. This includes protecting his home and his family’s legacy.

Like any good movie for kids, this stop-motion thriller teaches valuable life lessons about self-acceptance, overcoming fear, and sacrificing for the greater good. . While the story extends to Norman’s neighborhood, the scene where he visits the haunted house Penderghast is a perfect example of tension, suspense, horror, and humour.

Wolf House – Live stream on AMC+

A family sitting at the dining table in The Wolf House

Little known Spanish/German movies wolf house Possibly the scariest animated family movie ever made. The story follows Maria, a young woman who fled the German colony and sought refuge in a mysterious house in Chile. Then the unspeakable evil happened.

This pioneering project took 5 years to complete and the painstaking effort is visible on screen through the whirlwind of visual creativity. Surreal and nightmarish, the combined animation style is almost like House But much scarier than most horror material directed at children.

Monster College – Stream on Disney+

A young Mike looks happy and surprised at Monsters University

For all intents and purposes, more of a residential area than a full-fledged university campus, Monsters University Similar to a haunted house movie. Discover Mike and Sully’s adult mistakes in the prequel Monster, Inc.offers some of the most impressive 3D animation in a while.

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The movie is a great metaphor for difference, an inspiring reminder for kids to accept who they are no matter what others think. Engaging parents with hilarious jokes and sending good messages to their kids, the haunted dorm setting offers the best.

Scooby-Doo meets Brother Boo – Boomerang Live

Scooby, Boo and Shaggy are scared by the windows in Scooby-Do Meets the Boo Brothers

While Scooby-Doo has frequented many worthwhile haunted houses over the years, his time is spent on a cursed plantation. scooby doo meets lychee brothers is one of the better examples. Part of the big appeal is that the trio is hired by Scoob and his gang to quell the vengeful spirit of Shaggy’s late uncle.

In addition to gratitude ghost catcher Like other hilarious horror movie references, the mysterious mansion itself is a macabre horror maze filled with bears, apes, headless horsemen, and a boneless ghost sure to make Young horror fans everywhere must shudder.

Hotel Transylvania – Fubo . Creek

The lobby of the Transylvania hotel is full of vampires

Apart from semantics, Hotel Transylvania Essentially a giant haunted house franchise in which some of the world’s most notorious horror villains play hoteliers host so-called commoners. Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, The Mummy, and other Universal classics will prove they’ve been misunderstood for generations after generations.

The franchise has done an excellent job of breaking the mold, breaking the mold, and completely reimagining the terrifying horror villains into full-blown and flawed characters with plenty of daily glitches. as they still do.

Frankenweenie – Play on Disney+

Sparky ate all the bowls in Frankenweenie's loft

Uniquely inspired by visionary Tim Burton, Frankenstein Outside of the haunted house genre, it’s a deeply moving story about friendship. However, the amusing resurgence of Victor’s resurrected pet dog Sparky takes place in a makeshift lab in his attic. The claustrophobia and suspense inside Victor’s house are second to none before exploring the neighborhood.

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Adapted from his own 1984 short film of the same name, Burton has a supernatural understanding of what it’s like to be an outsider, and uses old Frankenstein stereotypes to convey a sense of alienation and isolation.

The Addams Family – Live on Hulu

In the Addams family, the Addams family stood at their door

Based on the beloved 1960s sitcom, the addams family With lots of hilarious humor about the haunted house, this 2019 computer-animated movie is great fun for both the elderly and the young. Adams lived on top of a hill, surrounded by misty swamps, the atmosphere was gloomy and unsettling.

Amidst the decaying interior of the ruined mansion, secret tunnels under the foundations, hidden surveillance cameras, etc., the film celebrates the family’s eerie eccentricities instead of treating them as something terrifying. , it’s the sickly humorous Base.

Haunted House: Secrets of the Cave – N/A To Stream

Shinbi and his gang research the haunted house: a record of the cave's secrets

the first film adaptation of Tan My Apartment series, The Haunted House: The Secret of the Cave is a great korean anime, something like scooby doo. The story concerns Shinbi, a 102-year-old elf who lives in a secret apartment and cave he discovers with the two young protagonists.

The Cave takes the trio to 1996, where they encounter the same apartment where Shinbi now lives, leading to the heartbreaking story of an ancient village cursed by evil. haunted house The movie is available on Netflix, the movie version is a bit hard to find. However, it is worth the search.

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