10 Best Marvel Cosplayers To Follow On TikTok

Cosplay is an incredibly enjoyable art form that combines skills such as design, costuming, and acting with the sheer passion of fandom.From comics to movies and TV shows, Marvel is one of the biggest franchises, regularly releasing exciting new titles such as She-Hulk: Lawyer Now on Disney+.

Talented Marvel fans who have become Marvel cosplayers have been sharing their amazing dedication and likeness with the world on TikTok, and any true Marvel fan should check them out.

@queen of siberia

Siberia’s account is very interesting because it offers everything and then some.This artist made the incredible drag queen Scarlet Witch that is absolutely stunning, and the costume was even transformed to reflect the version from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

There are plenty of versions of Wanda to enjoy in the pages of Siberia, and Marvel fans will also find variations of Spider-Man, including Peter Parker himself and in drag. This is a great page for fans who like to get a behind-the-scenes look at costume making or want to learn some tricks. Siberia’s lip sync work is always great too.


Aaron’s account is where all Sebastian Stan fans should find it, as he has incredible Winter Soldier cosplays. This look really works thanks to the long hair, and the costume is intricate and detailed.

Fans who follow this account may notice that Aaron makes videos with other Marvel cosplayers, just like any popular cosplayer. In addition to Bucky, Aaron has also appeared in cosplays with Thor, Spider-Man, and other Marvel characters.

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The Disney+ Marvel TV shows are one of the most successful Marvel properties of late, with creators like @hobbitparty serving up fans who can’t get enough of the lovable characters these shows introduce.

On this account, fans can see incredible cosplays of fan-favorite characters, such as Agatha Harkness from Agatha Harkness. Wanda Vision and Celie from Loki. The costumes and makeup are all designed and crafted beautifully, and many TikToks feature collaborations with other Marvel cosplayers or feature great photos that showcase the craftsmanship.


When looking at cosplay accounts it’s interesting to think about what inspires people to get involved, and for someone like @thatjakeryan it might stem from people telling them they look like the character or actor. After all, the bio on this page says “Chris Evans from Costco”

Whatever the cosplayer’s reason for getting into the game, the page is packed with Captain America content and even other Marvel characters like Mister Fantastic and Spider-Man.


First the celebrity look, then the level of @tomhiddlestwin and how much he looks like Tom Hiddleston, so it has to be claimed as one of the best controllers ever. The content definitely lives up to its name.

While this account doesn’t currently post a lot of roleplay content, it’s well worth scrolling down and enjoying it all Loki content, especially towards the end of the show. It’s so satisfying to see someone who looks so much like the original actor pay homage to one of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time.

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The TikTok account is run by a cosplayer named Kara, who has dabbled in several Marvel characters, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Witch.

Captain Marvel’s cosplay is particularly impressive, and isn’t one of the Marvel characters who doesn’t seem to be doing a lot, so it’s nice to see Kara doing Carol Danvers justice.


Doctor Strange fans everywhere need to follow @thewizardtailor without hesitation. While the cosplayer has dabbled in other roles from time to time, the page is impressively dedicated to Doctor Strange content.

The costume work is stunning, and when it’s not shown in action, there are plenty of videos showing the details of the pieces up close and talking about the making of them. This account may not be run by Stephen Strange himself, but it does prove that cosplay is some kind of voodoo.


It’s always amazing when artists like cosplayers find inspiration from less popular characters.There’s always the possibility of that happening with every new movie, show, or inspiration that comes along, and this is exactly the type of inspiration @jedimanda got after seeing it Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And apparently insisted on staying for credit.

This talented artist just finished cosplaying Clee. The video above is of when the wig arrived, but the costume is now complete and a must-see for Marvel fans. It’s absolutely beautiful and impressive, considering how little Clea content has been released to date.


@frisoscosplay looks absolutely stellar in his Moon Knight costume. On this page, fans will find plenty of TikTok content to enjoy featuring the outfit, such as the one above.

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A lot of the cosplayer’s personality comes through in the content, such as this video that seems designed to cheer other members of the TikTok cosplay community on, which provides incredible support to other artists. There’s also Deadpool, Ant-Man and Loki content for Marvel fans to enjoy.


Just like Sibera, @littlemissscarletwitch seems to be a huge Scarlet Witch/WandaMaximoff fan.In this case, the TikToker has recreated many of Wanda’s looks in TV series and movies, such as Wanda Vision and the latest Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

this Wanda Vision Especially the content is record-breaking. There are some black and white videos that perfectly capture the look and feel of the first two episodes of the series, and there are others that show off Wanda’s costumes other than Scarlet Witch. Talented artists like this deserve all the support in the world so they can continue making content for other fans.

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