10 Best Quotes From Batman: Under The Red Hood

With the huge success of Matt Reeves batmanfans are prompted to check out other Batman content such as Batman: Under the Red Hood, a film often debated as a contender for best DC animated film. Part of the reason has to do with the many iconic quotes from this famous story.

Each character is well-represented as the tragedy of Red Hood and Batman is explored through dialogue from the comic itself, as well as original dialogue. The result was a series of lines that many fans will forever remember from this dark story.

Nightwing appreciates politeness

“He just thanked me, didn’t he?”

Even though most Batman stories are dark and serious, there’s always a bit of levity. Especially if the famous Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, is involved. However, in one instance, comedy was used to showcase an unexpected emotional beat. After fighting Red Hood, Nightwing offered to continue helping Batman, but the older hero assured him that he had already done so and then thanked him.

The injured Nightwing was guided out by Alfred, who then said, “He just thanked me, didn’t he?” Alfred replied, “He did, sir.” This led to Nightwing’s Last comment: “weird”. Not only is this humorous, but it’s meant to show that as Bruce gets older, he becomes more human than he was in his early days as a vigilante.

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The clown’s twisted sense of humor

“Not these people, because they’re dead.”


Black Mask offered to let the Joker take down the Red Hood, but the Joker remained uncharacteristically silent. So it’s not shocking that when he asks for a glass of water, he somehow uses it to kill a guy, gets a gun, and then massacres Black Mask’s men.

Before taking the job, the Joker’s killstreak proved to be a lot of fun. He lets Black Mask know “I need some people. Not these people, because they’re dead.” This bit of dark humor is followed by a twisted chuckle, indicating that this is one of the scariest animated versions of the Joker.

From clown to killer

“Please tell the big shot what I said…hello.”

The Joker grins as he puts on his coat in

The Joker played by John DiMaggio under the red hood Through a very brutal and callous opening scene, he beats Jason Todd (aka the second Robin) to death. The Joker left before Batman arrived on the scene, and so far he’s been making jokes, albeit twisted ones.

That changed when he told Jason, “Please tell the big shot I said…hello.” The typically lively and jovial attitude is replaced by a sinister tone, which makes DiMaggio’s Joker unique and terrifying.

Red Hood doesn’t take “no” for an answer

“I’m not asking you to join me. I’m telling you.”

Since Red Hood is the titular villain and carries much of the plot, he has to make an impact in his first scene.He did it with Jensen Ackles supernatural Fame provided the character with his now iconic voice.

He delivers the lieutenant’s head to the Gotham City crime lord they represent and takes over their entire operation within minutes. He even states that this isn’t asking to be their boss, “I’m not asking you to play football with me. I’m telling you.” He kills them without hesitation, thus establishing himself as a powerful villain from the start status.

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Batman’s Sins

“My mate. My soldier. My fault.”


Batman and Alfred talk after learning the truth about Jason Todd’s resurrection. Alfred shows why he is the most important Bat-family member by comforting Bruce. However, Bruce still takes responsibility for the Red Hood’s creation.

“If I hadn’t turned him into Robin, he would have grown up and done the wrong thing. And then I killed him. My partner. My soldier. My fault.” This is one of many examples of the Batman character. One, is one of the more emotional and layered portrayals of the character; he’s not just an angry man wearing a mask.

Ra’s Al Ghul is not that evil.

“I have returned your son to you as a scourge to your house.”

Batman talks to Ra's Al Ghul in

Despite Ra’s Al Ghul’s extremist tactics and twisted morals, he also had some helpful moments in the world. batman Franchise. He fully admits that resurrecting Jason Todd was an attempt to right his mistake of trusting the Joker, a mistake that led to the boy’s death.

“I give you your son back as a scourge to your family.” Ra’s had no intention of making Jason an enemy of Bruce, or of him becoming the dark villain that is Gotham City now. He genuinely regrets his actions, which makes this version of Ra’s Al Ghul all the more likable.

The saddest line is the last line

“This is the best day of my life.”

Jason Todd plays Robin for the first time in 'Batman Under the Red Hood'

last words under the red hood Ending the story on a more bittersweet note. Batman is able to shake off his guilt, but he does remember the day Jason Todd first became Robin. He’s a joy to be Batman’s crime-fighting partner, and he’s even cute.

He hops aboard the Batmobile and gleefully declares, “This is the best day of my life.” His words echo before the closing credits. It’s really sad that such a good kid has gone down a dark path.

Jason Todd knows his dark side

“Or is this the real me?”

Jason Todd unmasks himself in the rain in 'Batman Under the Red Hood'

There’s an unfortunate truth about Jason Todd: While Batman did try his best to guide him down a better path, Jason was never going to be a hero. His time on the streets of Gotham took its toll on Jason, which was especially evident when he was still Robin.

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When Jason and Bruce take off their masks, he’s pretty candid about it, “Does that make it easier for you to think that me dipping into his fountain of youth made me manic? Or is this who I really am?” This is a DC character An example of friends turned supervillains that can easily make both parties feel bad.

Is it wrong for Jason to be angry?

“You know, I thought… I thought I was the last person you let him hurt.”

Jason Todd aims a pistol at Batman in

Ackles reprises his role as the Red Hood, playing a broken son on the verge of tears as he confronts Batman. He blames the clowns, whose rule about not killing people is flawed, when they fill up an entire cemetery.

“You know, I thought… I thought I was the last person you would let him hurt. If you were beaten to a bloody pulp by him, if he took you away from this world, I would have done nothing. , just looking for this pathetic pile of evil, death-worshipping garbage on the planet and sending him to hell!” Even though Jason is a bit extreme, it’s hard not to sympathize with his plight.

Why Batman wants to kill people but chooses not to

“If I allowed myself to go to that place, I would never come back.”

Batman explains his moral code to Jason in 'Under the Red Hood'

Bruce Greenwood is one of the best voice actors for Batman. He gets this by giving Jason a speech when he asks if killing the Joker is too hard, “No. God Almighty, no. It’s too easy. All I’ve ever wanted to do is kill him.”

“I think every day about subjecting him to every horrific torture he’s inflicted on others and then… ending him.” This elicited a humorous response from the Joker, before Batman concluded, “But if I do, If I allow myself to get into that place…I’ll never come back.” Of all the attempts to explain Batman’s no-kill rule to audiences, this might be the best.

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