10 Great Anime Series Ruined By Fan Service, According To Reddit

from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners arrive demon slayer, it’s hard to find an animated series that doesn’t rely on fan service when it comes to sexually suggestive imagery and character design to keep viewers interested and excited. There are several TV shows that have proven that fanservice can be handled tastefully and subtly, but those who invest in anime for the characters and story are often turned off by works that go too far.

A little fanservice can go a long way, and while some see this as a benefit, there are also many in the anime community who feel that too much fanservice is an unnecessary disservice. In fact, some Reddit users claim that this has even led them to completely ruin some of their favorite shows, and publicly expressed their disgust for those who do so.

“Code Geass” (2006 – 2008)

Rebel Ruth It tells the story of an exiled prince who launches a rebellion against a powerful empire. With its engaging plot and fast-paced action, it may not seem like the kind of anime that requires a lot of fanservice to grab viewers’ attention, but to the chagrin of many (and the delight of others) it does exactly that.

Reddit user AnnaTheBabe admits to giving up Rebel Ruth According to them, near the midpoint, “the fanservice keeps me from taking this series seriously.” In a reply, user alotmorealots agreed that the fanservice “really makes it impossible” to recommend the series “as a politically oriented anime.” a wider non-anime audience,” and it definitely “limits what the show could be.”

Food Fight (2015 – )

A large group of Totsuki Culinary Academy students gathered in the restaurant to dine in Food Fight!

In a selection of surprisingly educational anime, food fight has built a mixed reputation through its use of fanservice. While the show is sure to whet your appetite with its satisfying cooking scenes, it still risks alienating certain viewers, as several episodes also contain a fair amount of PG-13-rated nudity, especially when it comes to tasting food. in the scene.

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In their same post, AnnaTheBabe also mentioned how the fan service slightly hindered their love food fightsaid “I hate that I can’t watch it in public.” While the show’s premise and characters are charming and interesting, it may turn off those who are unwilling or unable to ignore the constant sexual innuendos.

Meocchi! (year 2011-)

The main character of the anime

On the surface, it may look like a wholesome slice of life romantic comedy, but after a few episodes, viewers Meocchi! may find that its images are not as healthy as they thought.When it comes to harem anime, fanservice sequences are almost inevitable, but Viewers seem to think things would be better without the series.

For Reddit user Avery-Bradley, “this would be a perfect rom-com series” if it weren’t for its over-the-top fan service, even admitting they’re “actually annoyed to see emotional or serious scenes ruined” by it .

Fire Brigade(2019)

Some of the main characters in the fire brigade.

firepower has become one of the most popular anime of the past few years, but not without its fair share of criticism. Even among its most devoted fans, the series has faced backlash for its fanservice approach, particularly its constant use of the Tamaki character as a prime target for shameless sexual exploitation.

Countless Reddit users praised the show for this, so much so that user RoshanGill441 admitted, “I gave up on this thing during the first season and never watched it again.” While this didn’t completely ruin the show for Reddit user Cheetah357, But they acknowledged that “it made the show less interesting,” while also admitting that the second season “lowered the amount of Tamaki fan service.”

Sword Art Online (2012 – )

Kirito and Asuna are the protagonists of

Although the fan base Sword Art Online While people praised it for its story ideas and one of the best romances in shounen anime, there are other aspects throughout the series that continue to divide them. The show is notorious for its not-so-subtle approach to fan service and its gratuitous and overly sexualized female characters.

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The Alfheim arc in the second half of season 1 caught Reddit user cometsighted1 off guard, particularly one scene in the subplot involving Asuna (almost approaching the Endless Realm), where he said: “Having something to do with Asuna The whole story bothered me, it just felt weird seeing the tentacled snail scene.” The team has (mostly) toned down in the most recent season, as well. progress movies, but it’s still a common phenomenon

Fairy Tail(2009-2019)

Fairy Tail PS4 Cover

Featuring magic, wizards, dragons and swordplay, Fairy Tail is an anime for every fantasy fan. However, it is also one of the rare anime that has been criticized not only for the sexualization of its female characters, but also for the sexualization of its male characters.

Star Gallon called the show’s handling of fan service “extremely poor” and “unnatural and 100 percent commercial.” They also went on to say that not only was it at odds with the established aesthetic of the show and the world it takes place in, but it also “diminished the plot and characters.”

The Seven Deadly Sins (2014 – 2021)

cursed by light

Although seven deadly sins The show has been widely praised for the strength and depth of its female characters, but the series also goes out of its way to oversexualize them, which has been a complaint among parts of its fan base. This fantasy anime is set in the Middle Ages and tells the story of a disbanded group of knights who reunite to defend themselves and take back their kingdom from a new tyranny.

It seems like even people like Reddit user Intelligent_Worker who are willing to try and give the series a second chance can’t get away from the excessive amount of fan service, saying it’s all “too much. I know it’s a good story, but I’m just fed up with it.” No.”

Academy Apocalypse(2010)

Photos of the main characters in

There is a lot of media to choose from in the zombie genre, but when it comes to the best anime about zombies, high school of the dead is one that is often mentioned. While it contains all the violent action and intensity one could want in a zombie apocalypse, it also has a strong habit of blatantly over-sexualizing its main female characters.

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While Reddit user RimuZ was impressed with the show’s premise and action, calling it “a really solid zombie apocalypse show,” they also criticized its overabundance of fan service, saying “the action or tension was completely overshadowed by it.” Ruined,” and that the show “would be perfect without these parts.” User YourNameHere___ also admitted that the pornographic images were “hard to watch.”

Strike Witches (2008 – )

The main character of the anime

The story takes place in another World War II, Strike Witches is a surprisingly feminist animation, Sailor Moon Fans will love it. Of course, while the show features a healthy dose of female empowerment, its main characters are also depicted wearing high-tech leg armor instead of actual pants, resulting in multiple scenes that are bound to make some viewers uncomfortable.

Positive review from Reddit user k4r6000 Strike Witches hailed as “a legitimately good drama with engaging characters” and acknowledged that “the creators actually put a lot of effort and research into its historical references”. However, they also felt that its fan service distracted from all of its best aspects, stating that how the main character “doesn’t wear pants” is “the only thing people know about”.

The Story of Injury Part 1: Iron Knot (2016)

Story series characters

They may not be as over-the-top as other anime, but there are moments of fan service Story Being pointed out by fans is a serious distraction. The show tells the story of a boy who, after surviving a vampire attack, decides to help a group of girls fight against various supernatural phenomena.

While the fan service isn’t enough to completely ruin their show, Reddit user Goldenfox299 wishes they’d tone it down a bit, calling it “too much” and “hard to watch at times.” Although user Kinestezja admitted that they still love the series despite the fanservice, they are bothered by it, saying “I hate it from the bottom of my heart.”

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