10 Harsh Realities of Rewatching Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: Original Series It has no doubt had a huge impact on popular culture, and while it’s still highly entertaining 57 years on, the show is still, in many ways, a product of its time. After its debut in 1966, interstellar travel It wasn’t an instant hit, but it quickly gained a following after the episodes began to be released. Following the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise, Terms of Service Introduce the world to some beloved figures who have become icons of pop culture.

In the 1960s, things were very different from today, including the television scene. Star Trek: Original Series The budget for the final season is also notoriously low. Terms of Service It worked fine at the time and it still works today. The characters and the connection they create between them is still an important part of the story interstellar travelAnd Terms of Service Still has a rabid fan base. But like many things in the past, some things come from Terms of Service Can not stand. Here are 10 harsh realities to face in retrospect Star Trek: Original Series Today.

10 Star Trek Aliens Outfits Are Horrible

in spite of interstellar travel The 1990s catwalk is in fashion trouble and the source of the trend is clear Star Trek: Original Series. With colorful outfits and flamboyant and often revealing outfits, Terms of Service It looks like the 60s, and many alien characters are introduced weekly wearing the most ridiculous costumes. While this can be done to make them seem more alien, it sometimes makes it hard for you to take them seriously. Also, whenever there is an attractive woman in a foreign world, her clothes are often revealing and overly sexy.

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9 Enterprise crew’s attitude towards Spock is a bit outrageous at times

Star Trek Galileo VII Kirk Spock

As the stranger of the main crew of the Enterprise, it’s no surprise that the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock (Leonard Nimoy) often seems to stand out. While Dr. Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelly) often mocks Spock’s Vulcan nature, his insults sometimes go beyond teasing. Spock has struggled to reconcile Vulcan and his human, so that’s especially unfair for a character who always points out his flaws. Even after he returned safely from a difficult journey in “Galileo Seven”, the crew “celebrated” by laughing at Spock’s sacrifice. It’s clear that Kirk and McCoy care deeply about Spock, but their alleged jokes turn cruel at times.

8 Too Many Star Trek: TOS Episodes Are Mistaken And Sexist

Star Trek Reverse Invaders

One of the hardest aspects of watching Star Trek: Original Series Today, sexism is pervasive and palpable. This is not a criticism of the show itself but an attempt to progress in its own right, but rather an acknowledgment of questionable views about women that were prevalent at the time. From historian Mara McGivers’ (Madeleine Lue) about Khan (Ricardo Montalban) in “Space Seeds” to “I, Mulder” From his portrayal of Harry Mulder’s ex-wife (Roger C. Carmel) to nearly everything in ” Reversing the Invaders”, the sexism in it interstellar travel All three seasons will appear. While that makes it clear that the show is a product of the times, it’s still shocking to learn that even the always-reasonable Spock is sending women into incorrect stereotypes.

7 Klingons make up and look terrible

Star Trek Errand Kirk Klingon Space Mission

Low budgets and lack of modern effects may contribute to the problem, but the aliens Enterprise encounters can sometimes seem gruff. While many of the aliens look rather creepy and alien, the brown face paint used on the white Klingons actors is particularly offensive. Klingons become an important part interstellar travelbut theirs Terms of Service The look of time leaves something to be desired. Although the Klingons are clearly an alien species, the use of dark-skinned Caucasian actors and oriental hairstyles makes their initial appearance seem a bit repulsive.

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6 Uhura is a great character, but he’s rarely idle

interstellar travel

Although this was quite advanced at the time Star Trek: Original Series Lieutenant Neota Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) usually does nothing to bring black women into the main cast. As a communications officer, she answered calls and reported the frequency of open calls multiple times throughout the series. She could have done more than that, although she sometimes went out and got involved in activities. Fortunately, Star Trek: Strange New World Breathe new life into Uhura’s character and give her lots of work to do.

5 Star Trek aliens considered dangerous often just look silly

Star Trek Operation Destruction

Again a product of the times and low budget Star Trek: Original Seriesbut sometimes it’s hard to take the danger seriously when aliens look like flying pancakes or moving giant blobs. like many elements Terms of Service, there’s something appealing about the lack of special effects, and the creators were able to do a lot with what they had. But it’s hard to be afraid of giant glowing mushrooms or the Baroque boy (Clint Howard). Terms of Service Some very interesting alien species have been introduced and they have become an integral part of the interstellar travelbut some aliens are best forgotten.

The acting of 4 Star Trek is top notch

Star Trek Kirk Enemy Inside

Because the television landscape was different in the 1960s, the style of acting was also different from the way actors act today. William Shatner, in particular, has a unique style of acting that goes crazy every time Kirk is cloned, possessed, or otherwise altered by an alien entity. Other characters sometimes suffer from this, too, and it gets worse when an episode’s story demands something particularly ludicrous. In “Plato’s Stepsons,” for example, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy jump and crawl on the floor, scenes that are sure to put everyone involved in shame.

3 Most of the hand-to-hand combat in Star Trek looks ridiculous

star trek arena

Captain James T. Kirk ended up fighting more than a spaceship captain should have (perhaps he was wearing too many uniforms so his shirt was definitely torn). The hand-to-hand combat scenes seem to take place in slow motion, and somehow two-handed punches or flying kicks can paralyze almost any opponent. Terms of Servicethey rarely see reality. more new interstellar travel series, such as Star Trek: Strange New WorldThankfully, we worked that out and had fast-paced, well-choreographed fight scenes.

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2 Kirk made a lot of mistakes as the captain of the business

Star Trek Bread and Circus

While Captain Kirk is often considered the greatest Starfleet captain of all time, he was in Star Trek: Original Series. Kirk went on a dangerous road mission, though he could be injured or killed, leaving the Enterprise without a captain. In the end, he was involved in many wars and used violence more than diplomacy. His attitude towards women is almost mean and he is often distracted by the nearest attractive woman. He usually acts without thinking, and will joke and laugh at the end of the episode when several crew members (red shirts) die. Part of this could be down to the 1960s vibe and Captain Kirk did a lot of good, too, but he wasn’t always as brilliant as many claimed.

1 Some Star Trek Episodes Are Really Bad

star trek plato's stepchild

Star Trek: Original Series There are many good episodes that have become typical interstellar travel fans, but there are other episodes not to be missed even for the most devoted Star Trek fans. From the shameful “Stepson of Plato” to the ridiculously staged “Brain of Spock” to the space hippie’s “Road to Eden”, when Terms of Service If you miss it, you will miss it for light years. Whether they have racist stereotypes, like the depiction of Aboriginal people in “Paradise Syndrome,” or blatant sexism, like “Reversing the Invaders,” this is the episode. worst ever Terms of Service Almost bad attack. However, even the worst episode can’t detract from the greatness of shows like “City on the Edge of Forever” and “The Balance of Terror”. Every TV show has its good and bad parts, Star Trek: Original Series Swing wildly between these two extremes.

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