10 Hilarious “Top 10 Anime Betrayals” Memes We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Categorizing memes is literally about categories with a bit of meta, but that’s what’s interesting about meme culture today. It’s a cultural art form that seeks to be as post-postmodern as possible and tirelessly tries to cannibalize itself, in a broader sense, as seen in this meme format: main “Treason of Anime”.

In an interesting crossover between mediums, “Top Ten Anime Betrayal” follows the anime’s trend of creating discordant and impactful stories as it powers the Internet’s relentless search. about the top ten lists and charts. The result is one of the funniest and most popular meme formats out there that, if done right, can do a great job of mocking pop culture and its tendency to exaggerate.

Lando betrays the franchise

Lando Calrissian managed to capture, break, and win back hearts in just a few hours. Despite having less screen time than the trio’s main actors, Lando Calrissian remains one of the trio’s most influential and memorable characters. Star Wars.

As soon as one of Cloud City’s most prominent leaders stepped onto the stage, everyone sensed how wonderful and trustworthy he was, but those expectations were dashed when everyone who saw him standing next to Darth Vader, defiant. It was a betrayal that few saw and still leaves many fans with trust issues with Lando today.

24/7 is not what it used to be

Crying in front of a closed McDonald's

It’s almost like reading a Greek tragedy. Many loyal customers are still frustrated that the fast food conglomerate takes too long to create a 24/7 breakfast menu, only to feel betrayed by only launching a limited menu. Others worry about the limited number of seasonal favorites like McRib or Shamrock Shake.

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However, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a franchise break down with a literal eternal promise: 24/7 service. What could be more tragic than not being able to go to a restaurant people go to when other restaurants are closed?

Diary of a betrayed child

Greg Heffley sends a note in the form of Anime Betrayal

Cartoonists often use 3 or 4 panels to tell a good joke, but Diary of a shy boy Franchise companies have always had a knack for capturing childhood weaknesses effectively. In particular, Greg Heffley is known for making himself the laughing stock of others. In his delusions of pre-pubescent greatness, Greg blindly navigates between fashion and events, missing the woods.

The above is a perfect summary of Greg as an outsider, even though he considers himself a celebrity. In short, it’s funny to see Greg proudly holding the bill to roast him.

for your memes

angry guy in anime betrayal format

As powerful as memes, they can never really replace the meaningful relationships that make life worth living. Unfortunately, that fact alone isn’t enough to stop some proud meme lords from trying it out. In a grim twist of fate, the very things that make some people remembered may be the very things that fuel the deception and betrayal around them.

This madness is enough to make one wonder: do memes really connect people or do they just hide walls to hide society from reality? Making memes is a dangerous game, if at all.

It’s always the same meme

Always a Meme in Anime Betrayal Meme Format

The “Always Has Been” meme meets the “Top 10 Traitor Anime” meme in a cross-generational episode. At their core, they are the same meme. They share the same sense of tragedy and turmoil that can be attached to almost any great epiphany in this medium.

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The “traitor anime” meme is a more versatile meme because it’s more of a title than an image. On the other hand, the “Always Has Been” meme is a fun abstract meme that has inspired some really creative avatars. When the two meet, who knows where the internet will take them?

A new generation of traitors

Finn betrays Stormtroopers in anime betrayal meme format

new generation Star Wars Means a new generation of friends, enemies and changing alliances. Divine Power Awakens Start things off by letting stormtroopers of all things flee the First Order to join the Resistance.

That dynamic alone can win a movie theater seat, and John Boyega does it skillfully as the FN-2187 (aka Finn). Proving that anyone can truly be in control of their own destiny, Finn breaks free from the oppressive shackles of the blind army and embarks on an adventure of his own.

SpongeBob SquarePants and the Betrayal of the Original Anime

SpongeBob holding two chocolate bars betrayal anime meme format

It’s a powerful image for anyone who grew up with Nickelodeon’s iconic series. The images don’t show much, but everyone can feel the tension of the scene and understand how misleading SpongeBob’s smile is. For the uninitiated, this is from the episode “The Life of Crime”, which focuses on the scene where SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick try to share a few chocolate bars.

While explainable, any written explanation would detract from the truly bizarre and humorous nature of the moment, as well as the betrayal Patrick feels here.

I still think it’s Sid

Comments for the boy who looks like Sid from Toy Story

To be fair, the kid seems to have at least borrowed the iconic look of one of Pixar’s most iconic and memorable characters, Sid. Who can forget that shaved head and… nothing else? While SwizzleDude offers some good comparisons and arguments, it makes no sense to challenge the child’s authority here.

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That’s just too much liability for a comment section. However, someone will be tossing and turning in bed tonight, isn’t that scary kid? Toy Story.

Elon Musk renews Betrayal Anime

Elon Musk broke the Tesla truck window in the style of betrayal anime

Elon Musk’s press conference for his company’s new Cybertruck was breathtaking. Even heavy-duty vehicles can enjoy the same luxury and innovation as Tesla’s other futuristic vehicles, while still being truck-priced. Now if only the event would go more smoothly.

Beside the spectacle is the infamous text that draws attention to two things: 1) the truck looks like it was rendered with PS2-era polygons, and 2) the windows aren’t as durable as Elon thinks. While it’s hard to say how reliable the truck will actually be once it’s released, it didn’t help Elon when testing the durability of the windows.

Cuphead’s Mac launch got off to a rough start

Cuphead and Mugman eat an apple in front of Mac in anime betrayal format

s’s story cup top Its development company, Studio MDHR, is one of those dreamers and hopefuls. Without much support and ambitious art requests, cup topThe creators of Games sacrificed almost everything to create one of the most beautiful yet challenging games in recent memory.

Since the first release, Studio MDHR has been able to distribute their games on multiple platforms. This includes computers Apple decided to host the event with Cuphead and Mugman’s new friends. Unfortunately, the team’s first meeting didn’t go well.

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