10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Solid Snake As A Character

Fans of metal gears, one of the most popular stealth game series ever, are presently going crazy over the reports. 3. A new Metal Gear. Since the stealth features, survival gameplay, and intricate plot provide such a distinctive gaming experience—not to mention Solid Snake, one of the characters—Threequel is the most well-known game in the series. key character in the all-time classic game.

The series’ attention to detail and the snake’s many incarnations over the years, however, have resulted in some dubious artistic decisions and some humorous memes. These memes are humorous and accurate because to Snake’s affinity for cardboard boxes, prosthetics for speed, and demon snake status.

Snake and his gun

For a video game franchise that relies heavily on stealth, there’s no need to have a whole set of guns to choose from, even if players like options. However, not only is the choice limited when it comes to weapons metal gears series, but Solid Snake rarely uses anything other than his trusty MK23.

The MK23 is a semi-automatic pistol with a laser aiming module and no other character in any other game has such a combination with their custom weapon. However, Snake cheated MK23 with P90 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The P90 with suppressor fires more rounds per minute, much better than the MK23 but doesn’t beat the classic.

Three minutes

This meme refers to an infamous moment Metal Gear Solid 3: Carnivorous Snake Some players would rather forget, but others prefer to remember the moment. The player must climb this ladder for three minutes before facing The End, which players unfamiliar with Hideo Kojima’s random humor will mistake for a glitch.

This scene tested the patience of many fans, but other fans of the series found it a good time to reflect on when players should think about their experience with Solid Snake. However, this is one of the harsh realities of replays metal gears, No amount of reflection or introspection will change that.

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Run without killing

As with any stealth game, whether it’s split cell or assassinis always most impressive when the player completes the level without killing an NPC and in metal gears. However, due to the difficulty of the game metal gears game, it will be much harder to complete the level while showing too much mercy.

Using screenshots the doctor shouts: “Just this once, everyone lives!” IN Which doctor?, this meme perfectly captures the excitement, joy, and surprise of completing a no-kill run. It became a hugely important moment and a rare moment at the time.

Snake incarnation

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain It took the series to the next level in terms of supernatural elements, and it was most evident in Demon Snake. When players commit too much violence and immorality, they transform into this version of the character. The more immoral the snake, the more bloody it becomes and it even grows horns. Only mass masters who can easily complete a no-kill run can avoid the distortion.

This element of the game has been the shadow of the giant, one of the most forgotten story-driven PS2 games. The 2005 game forces the player to act violently against massive monsters, and the player only discovers he’s the villain when he grows horns late in the game.


in spite of Terminator: Dark Fate Perhaps not getting the best response from fans and critics, it bombed the box office, and at least it turned out to be a good source of memes. This meme takes screenshots from Friday destroyer A movie in which the Terminator stands behind a character unaware that they are about to be mercilessly murdered by a killing machine.

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This situation is no different from Snake in metal gears。 Like T800, T1000 and any other Terminator, Solid Snake is a killing machine. Although the game is logically challenging to complete the levels undetected, the guardians are usually deaf, dumb, and blind.

Drowning is scary

The water level is always at its worst, no matter how good the video game series is. Whether it is Sonic Hedgehog or grave thiefthe water level is annoying, difficult and has poor mechanics, although the series is very good, in metal gears.

Almost every game in the series has a water level, and every fan has died in that water level countless times. However, this meme indicates five words metal gears Pham Ai Van; “We managed to avoid drowning.” This sentence is thunder Metal Gear Solid 2: Children of FreedomEach player shares the character’s enthusiasm at that time.

Climb over the microwave

Snake has been through some tough times, but he’s learned to pick himself up and he’s stronger than ever. Neither bullets nor venomous snakes can stop him from completing the mission. However, in 4 . metal gearSnake has grown a lot and it’s clear how much these quests affect him later in life, but little does he know that the worst is yet to come.

This meme refers to the infamous Microwave in Guns of the Patriots. Throughout the scene, the snake goes from limping to crawling, and the player feels the snake in more pain than ever as the opera progresses. The sequences are slow and never ending, in a way it feels like climbing a ladder, just on a more emotional and chilling level.

Box snake

Players may go ahead while the guards aren’t watching by hiding behind boxes and doing so. The guards being so deaf, dumb, and blind that they never detect a box coming their way is the finest illustration of this. Yet, it’s yet another illustration of Hideo Kojima’s sense of humor, which distinguishes Metal Gear from other stealth games.

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Snake has numerous personalities, including Snake Snake, Old Snake, and Devil Snake, but even though Box Snake may not be the official name, it is by far the funniest. Rick is mentioned by Meme in “Rick and the Dead,” and I couldn’t help but read the title in Rick’s stern yet witty voice.

The snake is given a prosthetic limb and given metal gears, however the meme claims that once the player gets it, the snake’s running pace would rise. While it is heavier than his natural arm, it has no positive impact on Snake’s speed or endurance. So why bother asking with all the other odd things going on in the game?

There is no doubting that Bucky’s numbers much improved when he was also given a prosthetic limb in the MCU, therefore it must be supported by some reasoning. Avengers Avengers: Game over than him, without a doubt First Avenger, Captain America.

Pope likes worms

Fans won’t instantly recognize the plate metal gears game that Pope Francis is holding in this meme. Metal Gear Solid 3: Survival is the disc. This is essentially a real snake eater, but there is a significant distinction.

As it was the first game to employ a regular third-person viewpoint rather than a top-down perspective, the game fundamentally altered how players saw Snake. Since the bird’s viewpoint was that of metal gears, this alteration caused controversy at the time. Unusual, but after several games, nobody turned around—not even Pope Francis.

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Solid Snake As A Character

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  1. I seriously hope everyone understands why this game needs to be remade and isn’t just happy that it is.. and I really hope the devs understand this crucial point.. this is so key.. 3 was promised to be huge.. it under delivered.. I was so pissed.. there are so many things about it that are amazing.. but the world needs to be bigger.. and that’s why iT needs to be remade. It was too confined. Too constricted.. Kojima always pushing the limitations as far as they can go but hardware and software contrictions.. we don’t have those anymore arguably.. we need 3 to be the world it was meant to be.. like how v is.. but better because obviously its been like 10 years since that game or whatever.. we expect and we demand improvements every dam year.. metal gear solid was infinitely amazing coming out of Mario 64 land.. mgs2 doesn’t need to be remade.. let’s just put it that way.. but mgs3 is a certain kind of scope that was not able to be achieved at the time.. but now we can..

  2. Wtf is this article? Was it written by a retarded AI, or just a retarded person.

    They make up the names of games like “split cell” and “assassin” instead of the real names, “Splinter Cell” and “Assassin’s Creed” not to mention the first part calls the third MGS game “metal gear solid: carnivorous snake” when it’s called “MGS3: Snake Eater”.

    These aren’t even bad jokes, it’s either someone who has no idea what they’re taking about and thought no one would notice them making up MOST of the information or someone asked an AI to fuck this up real good.


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