10 Of The Best Breaking Bad Tattoos  

Breaking Bad aired from 2008 to 2013, starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. It’s well known that these two characters make their money cooking and selling crystal meth, which makes for a great show.

The critically acclaimed TV series has spawned some amazing pieces of fan art, including permanent pieces; yes, a lot of people have themed tattoos showing characters, objects, scenes, and BrBa quotes. 10 of the best are featured below…and may inspire some fans to some new ink!

main character

As mentioned before, the two main characters of the show are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, and they are shown here in great detail. Every wrinkle on their faces, every feeling in their expressions… it’s all bright and bold, thanks to DeviantArt’s Tvia-Dark.

These guys have been entertaining audiences for years, and they even recently returned to television with the Netflix movie El Camino. Will viewers get to see them again at some point? who knows. Until then, we can at least admire them in permanent ink!

Walter, in his glory.

Walt goes through quite a transformation over the course of the show, which will be discussed again, early on he looks like this. In fact, one of the most memorable scenes in the series features him without pants on, next to the legendary RV.

These details, along with the bright New Mexico sun and sky, are revealed in the shape of the skull, making it a true work of art by Sam Kane. Yes, this famous scene would make a great tattoo on its own, but having it inside this shape is a brilliant idea.

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Best Called Saul Tattoovia Reddit

Speaking of that RV… it can also be seen in this collage-style tattoo, which might suit fans of Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul, shared by Reddit user Thissnotmeth. Yes, there are vehicles from those TV shows, frequently seen scenery, very useful masks (given the context of the story) and a balance to the title of this spin-off prequel.

There are tons of words, objects, phrases and objects that could be incorporated into a collage inspired by this exhibition, and the artist does a great job with it.


via pictures

Jesse met Walt at school because Walt was his teacher. Although Jesse doesn’t like structured learning environments, he does learn and teach throughout the show. In fact, some of his best lines center around science and experimentation, like the funny line about magnets.

The words were printed underneath some magnets and some blue crystal, which fit perfectly. Those who are big fans of the character (like this Reddit user) might consider getting a tattoo like this.

Walter’s transformation

By Body Art Master

As mentioned before, Walter changed a lot. He went from being a high school teacher, to a chef, to Heisenberg, and finally, he was sickly, bearded, and alone. This transformation is reflected in this next tattoo, which is really awesome and shared on Body Art Masters.

The style, the lines, the smoke effects…it’s a really fun way to honor one of the most complex characters on television.


via twitter

Heisenberg was sort of Walt’s alter ego, and one of his most iconic lines was “Say my name.”Therefore, some fans may want to use ink like this (by sitz skin art): Walter is wearing sunglasses and a hat with these words written on them.

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Oh, and of course, there are some blue crystals as they are also an important part of the story and can be added to any of these artworks for a real pop!

Los Poulos Hermanos

via twitter

Los Pollos Hermanos may look like just an ordinary fast food restaurant. Judging from its logo, it might even be aimed at families, as those chicken mascots look adorable. Gus owns the union, however, and as fans know, there’s nothing ordinary or cute about the man or his involvement in Walt and Jesse’s story.

Still, having a tattoo (like this one from pooh 013sfc) It’s so cool to reference a fictional place in a fictional story… especially when the place is as interesting as Los Pollos Hermanos.

pink bear

via Yelp

True fans will remember this pink bear. True fans will know that other people’s faces were burned like this.

The artwork was done by Speakeasy Tattoo in Los Angeles. Does everyone want a stuffed animal permanently attached to their body? No. Does everyone want a pink tattoo? No. Can everyone understand this reference? No. But for the right person, it could be the right thing.


Bryan Cranston Tattoovia Reddit

Breaking Bad could be abbreviated to BrBa, especially since they are part of the periodic table of elements and science plays a big role in the story. That being said, many fans have chosen to go the easy route and just get these four little letters in two little squares tattooed on their bodies. Some stars also go this route because it’s actually real ink from Bryan Cranston.

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This is a minimal design. This is great for those who are passionate about the show and science. Because of its small size, it won’t hurt too much or cost too much!

let’s cook

through our intentions

Last but not least, there is a colorful suggestion with the words: Let’s cook. Cooking takes up a lot of screen time, even though it’s not normal cooking. These simple words have huge meaning to the series, so this is a fun idea for fans.

Plus, the style and colors used by Atomic Tattoos & Piercing in this particular example will turn a lot of heads and spark a lot of Breaking Bad discussion.

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