10 Things We Want To Happen In Ahsoka

this Ahsoka The show on Disney+ is poised to be one of the most anticipated Star Wars Not displayed yet. When Ahsoka Tano debuted Star Wars: Clone Wars (2008)Many viewers were outraged at her, claiming that she interrupted Anakin’s timeline. Clone warDave Feloni has slowly built her into one of the most comprehensive roles Star Wars Must provide. before the end of the year Clone warAhsoka completed her journey as a Jedi Knight and left before the Order was destroyed. Then she has a new goal Star Wars Fight alongside Ezra Bridger and crew the spectre Before her world falls apart again and she faces Darth Vader.

Filoni is transitioning from animation to telling the first live-action story in Ahsoka.this .’s timeline Ahsoka series of places to choose Star Wars It ends with Ahsoka continuing to search for Ezra Bridger and those with him in search of Marshal Thrawn. Trapped in unknown parts of the galaxy for several years, Thrawn missed the fall of the Empire, but now he’s trying to wreak havoc on the galaxy once again. peace in the New Republic, while at the same time establishing something that audiences are excited to see Ahsoka series.

10 more references to the clone war

Given how carefully Filoni created the character Ahsoka in the first place, Ahsoka The series will almost certainly contain many easter eggs and callbacks Clone war.this Ahsoka The trailer has confirmed the return of David Tennant’s cyborg Hu Yang. Clone war fifth. But also, Filoni can draw about Ahsoka’s adventures Clone war And put them side by side with her fight against Thrawn’s takeover.

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9 Gray Jedi Becomes Canon

Rosario Dawson took off Ahsoka's hood.

a welcome addition Ahsoka series will become Gray Jedi classics, it’s a popular term Star Wars legendary. Initially, if an individual is sensitive to the Force that is not in line with Jedi or Sith ideals, they tend to follow a single path somewhere in between. After Disney bought Lucasfilm Star Wars The Gray Jedi reference has been removed from the standard. Despite this, many characters – such as Ahsoka Tano and Qui-Gon Jinn – still exist in the book. Star Wars The humans of the universe would easily fit the description of the Gray Jedi. though, Star Wars Canon has not officially recognized the classification.

8 Powerful Star Wars Villains

Belan swung the lightsaber at Ahsoka.

one more thing to look forward to Ahsoka The series is launching a new product Star Wars douchebag. Filoni hopes to break with the tradition that almost all dark side users are Sith with the late Ray Stevenson’s Beran Skoll and Ivana Sakhno’s Shin Hatey. In addition to the new orange lightsaber, Ahsoka The series will also feature the return of the Royal Inquisitor Star Warsand the judge from Palestinians second season. Of course, most of these new villains pale in comparison to Admiral Thrawn’s brilliant tactical talent. Regardless, Ahsoka will clearly have a full hand in hand.

7 Other Heirs of the Empire

Captain Pellaeon from The Mandalorian.

from Clone warFiloni is known for drawing the word Star Wars legend and reintroduced it to canon.based on Palestinians Part 3, The New Republic Has No Secrets Star Wars begin to imitate timothy zahn’s love throw The trio of the 90s.Filoni introduced heir to the empire Includes Rook, Thrawn’s bodyguard Star Wars. But also, Palestinians The third season also invites Thrawn’s vice-captain and captain Gilad Perrine. Ahsoka With Lars Mikkelsen bringing Thrawn to live-action, there will certainly be more references to Zahn’s trilogy.

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6 Temuera Morrison as Captain Rex

501st Replica and Captain Rex in Star Wars

While unconfirmed, many viewers want to see Temuera Morrison return Star Wars Relive one of the series’ most famous clone soldiers. After Boba Fett was eliminated by Pedro Pascal Boba Fett’s BookBringing Morrison back as Captain Rex will repair the damage Disney has done. In nearly every iteration of Ahsoka’s character, Captain Rex is on her side. Few people in the galaxy understand Ahsoka like Rex, even though his character is very old at the time of the story. Ahsoka series, his arrival will be welcomed by everyone.

5 Ashley Eckstein Guest

Ashley Eckstein and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka.

this Ahsoka The film would not be complete without the presence of the person who brought this character to life. Thanks to Ashley Eckstein’s voice work Clone war And Rebels Ahsoka achieved this as a character. While Rosario Dawson portrayed Ahsoka brilliantly in the live-action version, many people wanted to see Eckstein in the live-action film. Ahsoka series. Feloni could even let Eckstein play the young Ahsoka in flashbacks, or he could simply give her a supporting role.

4 worlds among many worlds

Ahsoka and Ray Stephenson play roles in similar settings between worlds.

from Star Wars Legendary perspective, one of the most interesting Ahsoka the series will tackle the world between worlds Rebels. The world between worlds is one of the most confusing and complicated worlds to date, essentially allowing Ahsoka Tano to time travel around the world. Star Wars timeline. The immense impact of such a place exists in a galaxy far, far away, barely touched Rebelsthat’s why it came back Ahsoka Hopefully that explains more on how it works.

The Reunion of the 3 Star Rebels

Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels

Some viewers joked Ahsoka As Feloni tried Star Wars fifth. By introducing Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla), Eman Esfandi as Ezra Bridger, Filoni delivers nearly it all. the spectreThe film crew has already started working on it. Not to mention, he also showed the spectre The crew’s mysterious Chopper – and voiced by himself. Also, Zeb Orrelios appeared on Palestinians third volume. From every angle, Filoni seems to be trying to bring the group back together in a subtle way. Star Wars. While Kanan Jarrus may not be there, Rebels The reunion will be an unforgettable moment.

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2 flashbacks featuring Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker

one of the most anticipated Ahsoka The series is more about Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. Although Skywalker has unfortunately been dead for many years Ahsoka After the series happens, the door is wide open for Filoni in terms of flashbacks. It’s unclear if Christensen will play Anakin or Darth Vader (or both), but it’s safe to say that any of his appearances will be a welcome surprise. In “World Between Worlds”, Ahsoka is even able to travel through time and catch a glimpse of her younger self alongside Christensen’s Anakin.

1 Marshal Thrawn shows military might

Thrawn and the fleet of legendary forces of darkness.

Lars Mikkelsen’s return as Marshal Thrawn could be the best Ahsoka series is provided. After the defeat of Governor Gideon Palestinians Part three, it’s time Star Wars Introducing the series’ next big villain. He has proven his horror Star Warsbut in AhsokaThrawn’s true super weapon will be unlike anything viewers have ever seen Star Wars However. Instead of relying on the Force or the Death Star, Thrawn’s mind is his greatest asset. Ahsoka In the series, Ahsoka needs to use everything she’s learned to confront Thrawn.

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