10 Unpopular Opinions About Star Wars: Andor, According To Reddit

weave tighter and more thoughtful than usual Star Wars series, Andorra Continue character research into its title character, uncovering his motivations for joining the uprising and the broader social and cultural forces that have shaped the growing conflict between The Empire and those against its oppressive and authoritarian bureaucracy. With a slower pace and more introspective tone — and the lack of space combat scenes — it’s markedly different from other installments in the series, including Palestinians And Boba Fett’s Book.

However, these aspects of the series were not liked by everyone. In particular, many Reddit users have taken to online forums to express their displeasure over what they perceive as failures, both like Star Wars series and as a TV.

it was boring

one of the most common criticism Andorra Yes, it’s boring. Redditor tmicl put it bluntly: “This show is simply boring.” While it’s true that the series started off a bit slow, it wouldn’t be right to say it was boring.

Indeed, there were some surprising action moments – notably the theft of Aldhani – and plenty of tension as the Empire’s troops began to prepare for more repression. In a way, it’s more of a political thriller than usual Star Wars.

it’s not fun

Dedra Melo at an Imperial meeting in Andor

one of all Star Wars Such a popular and successful series is the presence of humor. This is true from the beginning, but Andorra Sometimes, a little boring. ElementalSymmetry commented “Neither funny nor funny.”

However, this ignores the fact that the humor in the series, although softer than usual, is still there. Just as an example, Eedy Karn, who regularly terrorizes his son, is one of the more lighthearted characters in the series. More importantly, a Star Wars A series doesn’t have to be funny and given the show’s theme, that means it will take on a more serious tone than previous installments.

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Doesn’t Feel Like a ‘Star Wars’ Story

Mon Mothma and Tay Kolma stand in Andorra

Many Redditors have this attitude Andorra don’t feel like Star Wars story. Massivelyhungpeacock wrote: “I find myself thinking ‘this is Star Wars? “Many times in the first two episodes.”

This argument ignores many ways Andorra It’s actually quite similar to previous entries in the franchise. There’s an innate feeling to this particular collection new hope, making one feel that this is indeed a galaxy suppressed by the empire. The planet Ferrix in particular is a great example of this rugged look.

it’s so boring

Seeing Gerrera in Andorra with a worried expression.

Among other things, Andorra It’s about how the tyrannical power of the Empire has changed the way people see themselves. As a result, there are many scenes that are visually eye-catching, even if the whole movie feels a bit bleak.

Here’s what the Redditor had to say: “It’s dull. There’s nothing funny to make up for that.” However, there are also some heartwarming moments in the film, especially the bond between Cassian and her adoptive mother, which clearly shows how deeply they love each other. Plus, the series is about how the Empire drains the galaxy’s vital vitality, so this bleak outlook is appropriate.

Disney is so bland

Clone soldiers line up in Andor

since Disney took over Star WarsThey decided and released some new shows Star Wars banner.Different Redditors have mixed reactions to this, especially when it comes to Andorra.

“I think Disney tried too hard to create solid content that wasn’t too crazy or lost, and as a result it was a bit tedious,” the Redditor wrote. However, part of the reason is Andorra So great Star Wars It’s a fact that this series deliberately operates outside of the traditional mold, with characters and situations that don’t follow the usual franchise rules. Andorra As the most famous example of this, he is known as the undaunted but lovable hero commonly seen in other media.

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It doesn’t reveal much about its personality

Mon Mothma speaks in Andor

there are so many great things Star Wars characters and they remain an important part of the franchise’s enduring popularity. However, some Redditors believe that Andorra BrownCowBrown hasn’t been particularly effective at getting viewers to understand its characters, BrownCowBrown writes: “Don’t think we learn anything interesting about these characters in these more character-driven episodes. .”

This is a rather confusing statement. indeed, Andorra Great efforts have been made to keep the viewer in the minds of the characters, whether it’s Luther and his attempt to help with his rebellion, or Mon Mothma and her conflicts with Senate and her own family. Mon Mothma, in particular, is a compelling character as she juggles family obligations with the stress of being part of a nascent rebellion.

it has a predetermined ending

Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso in Rogue One.

Rogue One Widely regarded as one of the best and most watched movies Star Wars the movie is obviously over Andorra. This particular narrative problem annoys many Redditors. PersonMcHuman asked sarcastically, “Don’t you think it’s fun to see the endings of stories about…men you already know?”

Send Andorra has established itself as one of the best Star Wars However, this character makes viewers want to know more about him and how he became a member of Rebellion. More importantly, getting to know him better is his ultimate sacrifice Rogue One more meaningful and impactful.

it doesn’t seem to have any shares

Cassian on Andor

Like all good epic movies, during that time Star Wars Work is the bet. After all, the fate of the Milky Way often hangs in the balance, and Andorra Choose to tell a story on a smaller scale. MassivelyHungPeacock, like other Redditors, didn’t like this approach, writing, “I dropped the third thing halfway because there was no interest/interest.”

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While some people may not want to see it that way, the truth is AndorraIn fact, for Andor and the galaxy as a whole, they couldn’t be higher, as this could be the last great chance for the real Rebellion to begin.

The characters are a memorable mix

Willf Yularen stands in front of the Royal Seal

One of the repeated criticisms from Redditors Andorra Focus on the characters of the story. For example, ChrisyKL wrote: “The characters are an unforgettable combination.”

While the names of the different people involved can sometimes be a bit confusing, each has its own personality. Whether they are on the side of the Empire or the Rebels, these people have their own reasons for doing things. While they may not always be likable — like Syril Karn, who is a villain, for example — they do have personalities.

it became a political slogan

Mon Mothma speaks before the Senate almost empty in Andor episode 6

This makes sense as it focuses on the prelude to the rebellion Andorra Will be very interested in politics. Unfortunately, some people on Reddit are not happy with this. OPopinions wrote: “The show started off great, but then it turned into this political war and nothing remarkable happened.”

However, for many people, this is what makes Andorra Good to see. It gives viewers a chance to understand how a political and revolutionary movement such as an uprising has come to be, making them appreciate its eventual success.

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