1000-LB Sisters: Why Fans Are Worried About Tammy’s Forehead

star of 1000 lb . sisterTammy Slaton’s eyebrow problem worries viewers. The TLC star has been plagued by health problems for a while. For three seasons, viewers watched her self-destructive behavior, as she lashed out at those around her.

from 1000 lb . sister After season 3, Tammy struggled to recover from a near-death experience. The Kentucky native has been in rehab since last October when his lungs failed. She was put on a breathing tube, to the horror of the doctors. At that time, many doctors thought that Tammy might not survive and asked the family to prepare for the worst. Viewers first meet Tammy in Season 1, when she commits to a healthier lifestyle. As she continues to eat poorly, she is not yet eligible for gastric bypass surgery. Tammy seems to be trying harder in recent months and has been posting her updates on social media.

It’s common to see Tammy share her new filter look on Instagram or TikTok. In a recent post, Tammy made fans interested when showing off pictures of her eyebrows. They quickly noticed that Tammy had what looked like a lump on her forehead. Luckily, her head looks fine, but fans can’t help but notice how her hairline has receded, making her forehead look big. Check out Tammy’s post below:

Although Tammy has lost a few extra pounds, netizens can’t help but think that her forehead is getting bigger and bigger “Sorry.” Followers have brought up the fact that in season 1 Tammy had quite a bit of hair, but now she seems to lose a few inches almost every year. For her part, Tammy doesn’t seem to mind the trolls’ comments and often posts pictures without any captions. Most of Tammy’s photos are the same and focus on her face, usually with a filter.

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despite the large amount 1000 lb . sister Audiences have barely allowed Tammy to recover or live a semi-normal life, and the star has begun to make small improvements. She no longer needs a trachea to live or breathe. Tammy looks like she’s on her way to prove her haters wrong. Tammy’s TikToks are so inspiring that supporters are hoping she will finally qualify for life-saving surgery this year. As for her forehead, Tammy will likely continue to post the same photos and videos, maybe even highlighting her hairline.

Source: Tammy Slaton/Instagram

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