5 Virgin River fan theories we’re obsessed with ahead of season five

Virgin River has a huge fan base and so of course they (and we!) are counting down the days until the fifth season premieres on Netflix.

Viewers had been hoping that the fifth installment would follow in the footsteps of the fourth and be released in July after main stars Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge previously said they expect a summer sale. In the meantime, however, the streaming giant has confirmed that new episodes will be available from September 7.

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So while fans will have to wait a little longer, we’ll have more time to share our theories on what we think is available to small town favorites. ours.

We love nothing more than reading the amazing and often wild plot ideas that fans share on social media and online topics. Here are five theories we’re obsessed with that could happen A virgin river fifth season…

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© COURTESY OF NETFLIX We love Virgin River here HELLO!

Preacher and Paige are in trouble again

They don’t have the easiest ride, do they? Poor Preacher (played by Colin Lawrence) and Paige (played by Lexa Doig) reunite at the end of the fourth season so it’s more likely their story will continue in the new season. The drama begins when Wes, Paige’s husband, falls down the stairs to his death while abusing his wife. But things get complicated when his twin Vince shows up and tries to save Paige, having been hit in the head by Preacher with a log.

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But some think this may not be the end for Vince and that he could still survive and come back to wreak more havoc. We just hope Christopher is okay!

Colin Lawrence as a Virgin River preacher© COURTESY OF NETFLIX Colin Lawrence as a Virgin River preacher

The paternity of the Charmaine twins will be a big shock

The question has long been raised: who is the father of Charmaine’s twins? Although Jack thought he was the father for a while, it was revealed in a spoiler (admittedly everyone sees) that he really isn’t.

But if the truth is revealed, fans are sure that no one will expect it. Some have even suggested that Jack’s military friend Jack, who returned to the group in season four, will be revealed as the father. Viewers caught his reaction when Jack broke the news to him, with Mike telling him, “I didn’t know you were still seeing her.” Fascinating, isn’t it?

Lauren plays Charmaine in the show© COURTESY OF NETFLIX Lauren plays Charmaine in the series

Shock death occurs

Say no! A virgin river He hasn’t shied away from heartbreaking stories like abuse, cancer diagnosis and loss, so a tragic death is not out of the question. But the real question is: who?

We don’t want to worry you, but *swallows* there’s a theory that Hope McCrea (played by the always excellent Annette O’Toole) could be the one to say goodbye. One theory on Reddits is that due to her declining health (due to an accident) during the fourth season, she may have a sad ending in the new episodes. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but they have to keep the plot interesting, right?

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Annette O'Toole as Hope McCrea in Virgin River© NetflixAnnette O’Toole as Hope McCrea in Virgin River

Doc’s grandson, Denny, is not what he says

Here’s another theory that worries us. How grumpy the inpatient medical staff can be, we will protect Doc (Tim Matheson) at all costs! He’s surprised when the nephew he didn’t know he had, Denny (Kai Bradbury), shows up on his doorstep, and things take a turn when it turns out he’s been stealing drugs from the office doctor. Denny later admits to Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) that he has been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, an incurable disease.

But some fans think he might not be telling the whole truth. One fan on Reddit even believes he’s not Doc’s nephew at all and has serious ulterior motives. Hmm.

Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins in Virgin River© COURTESY OF NETFLIX Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins in Virgin River

Mel and Jack are about to become parents

virgin riverr is a beloved show, but fans love to poke fun at its wild timeline – Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is four seasons pregnant – and some viewers have suggested that Mel could be pregnant, too. quite a while.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge © COURTESY OF NETFLIX Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge

The character finds out she’s pregnant in the third season, and in the fourth she reveals that the pregnancy is definitely Jack’s (Ouch!), so will a new person appear in the fifth season? Or will we wait until season six to see them become parents? Time will answer.

Who will star in the fifth series of Virgin River?

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge return as engaged screen couple Jack Sheridan and Mel Monroe. But there are other notable faces that fans can look forward to seeing again.

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Annette O’Toole, Colin Lawrence and Tim Matheson will return as favorites, Hope, Doc and Preacher; while Lauren Hammersley, Zibby Allen and Grayson Maxwell are also expected to return.

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie in Virgin River© COURTESY OF NETFLIX Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie in Virgin River

What is the future after the fifth season of Virgin River?

As for the future of the Virgin River, there’s good news and bad news. Good news? It will be back for the sixth season! bad? Well, we can wait a bit.

HELLO! It was previously reported that the film’s sixth season was affected by the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood. The strike for fairer wages and better working conditions has affected a number of series such as Outlander, Yellowjackets and Stranger Things.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River© COURTESY OF NETFLIX Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in Virgin River

If filming for the new season doesn’t begin until the strike is “resolved”, the cast may be waiting a while to return to the set and some in the industry are betting the strike will. does not end until the fall.

However, despite the setback, the cast moved on and sided with those who were on strike. Annette, who plays Hope McCrea, was seen in an Instagram video shared by Martin Henderson on a fence to attack and promote writers to receive respect and fairness.

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