6 Powers The Boys TV Show Is Missing From The Comics

Amazon Prime Minister boys Was able to showcase many of the powers and abilities from the original comics, but was still missing some. boys, both in the comics and in the series, is a prolific character filled with super-powered entities. But while it makes sense to incorporate certain characters and their abilities from the comics or invent entirely new ones, there are still some abilities that haven’t hit the silver screen yet. very interesting to incorporate into the dynamics of the show. Now superpowers can continue to grow boysand maybe some of the abilities left over from the comics will also make an appearance on the show.boys In a world of superheroes and villains, the business of heroes has become deeply commercialized. Part 3 of boys Follow Huey (Jack Quaid) teaming up with Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his team as they fight off the uncontrollable powers of superheroes who frequently abuse their abilities, especially especially the world home to heroes like Superman (Anthony Starr). Meanwhile, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) discovers the dark side of superheroism and leaves Seven – but not before raising her own powers. However, the show has yet to incorporate some of the famous superpowers from the comics.

6 Voices of the Fatherland

Homelander exhibits many of the abilities he already has in the comics, including super strength, near indestructibility, X-ray vision, flight, and laser vision. But he still hasn’t brought a single power boys series. In addition to superhuman strength and durability, in the source material, Homelander also has a superhuman voice. This amplified scream can be used in boys Season 4 with the ability to kill people in a certain range. While it’s possible that Homelander has the ability to emit sonic screams and he just chose not to use it for PR reasons, it’s possible that this is a new ability he’s developing alongside his own.

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5 super-hearing starlights

boy erin moriarty starlight

But Homelander is not the only protagonist boys Its power has the potential to grow. While Starlight’s abilities have recently come close to those in the comics with her recent ability to fly, there’s one more ability in her comic book iteration that hasn’t been carried over to the current version yet. live-action version of the series. Starlight has superhuman hearing in the comics, and the character says she has “pretty awesome“Listen. However, the power of this aspect of starlight boys It’s usually not shown even in the original material, as it requires quite a bit of her attention and isn’t as fully utilized as her flying and light-generating blasts.

Stormfront’s Weather Manipulation


While Stormfront (Aya Cash) itself has moved from boys, maybe another character will show the ability she lacks in the manga. Among the many differences between the Stormfront in the comics and the Stormfront in the manga, the original Stormfront not only had the flying abilities, superhuman strength, durability, and electrodynamics of the series version, but also controllability. weather control. Although this ability is not explicitly specified or shown in the source material, characters occasionally use it to summon powerful storms to produce lightning.

3 Manipulating gravity and pressure for Silver Kincaid

kincay silver boy

in spite of boysSilver Kincaid (Jasmine Hussein) only appears briefly in the manga and her abilities are still very different from those in the comics. In the source material, Silver Kincaid is a more tragic character than the high-powered version of the series. As a young girl, Yinjin Cade in the manga was kidnapped and abused, causing her to use her powers to take her own life later in the series.

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Besides this, boys The comic is ambiguous about the power of Silver Kincaid. Both the series and manga versions have aspects of psychic abilities, with telepathy and remote control in the show version, and possibly some form of remote control in the manga. But more specifically, Silver Kincaid has the ability to manipulate gravity and pressure in the source material, and she can use it to kill people graphically as easily as any death caused by a Security agent Inland induced, with blood gushing from their eyes, nose and mouth. outside.

2 The Radiant Presence of Our Lady

holy mary boy comics

boys The story of the TV show centered on The Seven and the Boys does a great job of critiquing real-life reflections of superheroes’ commercial and media empires. Comics are allowed to have a broader scope and also criticize themselves as a medium and the vast universe they create. This created the original boys There’s more time to create more superhero teams and powers, including characters like Saint Mary.

saint mary is another unseen superhero boys series, although her abilities seem best suited to the kind of abuse and criticism that the show often employs. In the original series, Saint Mary was a member of the United States youth team, and the stars were in the boys, and shows a very pure image as part of her personality. Ironically, Saint Mary’s powers are similar to those of a siren, and her beauty and charm have supernatural effects on others, especially those of the opposite sex. This allows her to hypnotize those who want her, starting with a kiss for up to a week.

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1 copy of Auntie Sister

boy aunt sister cartoon

Aunt Sister is another young Superman who has yet to appear in the series. She’s the unofficial leader of the Super Dupers, a younger, less powerful group that acts like a support group for people with disabilities. They are one of the few superhero groups that have goodwill but have many problems boys, led by Sister Aunt with her unique ability to copy and reproduce. She can create up to three copies of any object or person, especially herself, and her clones retain her memories and abilities. She can then reabsorb those clones and retain their memories and experiences as long as they don’t die, which is great for any character in the TV show version. boys.

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