90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Jokingly Gets Revenge On Gino After Photo Scandal

Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Star Jasmine Pineda ‘gets revenge’ on Gino Palazzolo for sending her private photos to him that he once dated another woman. Gino to Panama Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago In season five, their relationship was fractured from the very beginning. Things started to take off when they went on a romantic vacation to Panama Island, but it didn’t last long.

Gino’s ex contacts Jasmine to let her know that Gino sent her very intimate nude photos that Jasmine sent him privately. The pair had a violent argument and Jasmine took Gino’s iconic hat off his head, something he’s always had. Jasmin calls him “crazy old man” and angrily walks out. It looked like the pairing was over and fans were surprised when he apologized and Jasmine accepted it.

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Jasmine recently posted a photo of Gino bathing with a rubber duck as a child on her Instagram Story. She tagged Gino to the story and added a joking caption “I told you I would share your nudes! #revengeIt’s a seemingly innocent photo and yet another prank on Jasmine’s Instagram Story. The Panamanian reality TV star also recently joked that she has found a new boyfriend. She posted a picture of herself saying her new boyfriend, but here’s a Photoshopped photo of herself next to famous rapper Eminem.

Many viewers thought that Molly should not have brought Gino back so soon, especially after Molly revealed that the photo scandal had led to a terrible depression. The reality TV star confirmed she was fired because of the scandal. She has taken a break from social media to return with a new Instagram and share with fans about her depression. She shared that she “lose everything‘ in her life, but claims she’s recovering from what she’s been through, and”old jasmine is deadSince making the statement, the reality star has posted several jokes.

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Despite Jasmine’s recent bouts of depression, her joke posts suggest she’s dealing with it and is likely to get better. Jasmine becomes a fan favorite after Gino betrays her trust. So many viewers may be relieved to see her return to herself after her horrifying experience. The social media posts raised eyebrows even though the season isn’t over yet Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Fans believe that Jasmine and Gino are still together to this day.

Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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