90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Pineda Undergoes Mysterious Surgery

Earlier fiance 90 days Jasmine Pineda star reveals her”survive‘ A mysterious operation. Jasmine, 34, has been noted for her bubbly demeanor on the show. Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Abandoned in her troubled relationship with Gino Palazzolo. Molly is portrayed as a gold digger taking advantage of naive Gino, who just wants to be engaged to her. But Gino, 52, wasn’t a saint when he met Jasmine on Sugar Baby and bragged about her to his ex. New fans realized just how strong and emotional Jasmine is when it was revealed after Gino sent nude photos of Jasmine to her ex.

When asked why she brought Jino back even though he humiliated her, Jasmine revealed that she had her reasons. Although this problem has never been solved fiance 90 daysOn the show, Jasmine mentioned the heartbreaking reason she was hospitalized right after meeting Gino. Jasmine was in the hospital for 7 days, and it was Gino who was with her via video call thousands of miles away. Gino hasn’t met Jasmine yet, but he has made her laugh and helped her recover. Jasmine shared about having to wear a Holter monitor, adding that she felt terrible during that time.

Jasmine stunned fans this week when she posted a photo of her pregnant belly on Instagram. In the photo, Jasmine lifts up her shirt to reveal the ribbon in the lower right corner of her abdomen. “I survived the surgery!Nhai admitted. She explains that she is documenting everything that happens to her on video. However, Jasmine does not reveal the specific purpose of the activity. Jasmine assured her 130,000+ Instagram followers that when she recovered, she would answer all of their questions. She will make a video and share it on YouTube. Jasmine, a resident of Panama added, “I love you all,‘ in an Instagram story she posted to her admirers. She then shared a close-up photo of the wound dressing.

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Jasmine must be in a lot of pain because she didn’t write anything but added a crying emoji. Until Jasmine herself revealed the reason for the surgery, it was still impossible to guess what disease the mother-of-two had or is currently suffering from. Jasmine has a ventricular arrhythmia and needs to wear a Holter so her cardiologist can determine the type of arrhythmia and how to treat it. fiance 90 days Actress Jasmine at that time was young, she often fainted, her heart was about to explode. She ignored her problem until she was diagnosed with valve prolapse and now has to take two medications for the rest of her life in addition to seeing a cardiologist three times a year.

Jasmine said being hospitalized changed her outlook on life. Since then, Molly began to enjoy life as much as possible. Because Molly knows how short life is, she makes sure not to waste it by feeling unhappy all the time. Even before she had surgery, fiance 90 days The celebrity hasn’t let her fans know of the discomfort she may be experiencing. TLC viewers might think they know Jasmine from whatever they’ve seen on TV about Jasmine and Gino’s relationship. But fans are learning more about the mysterious Jasmine every day. Fans wish Jasmine a speedy recovery and wish her back on Instagram and social media fiance 90 days Tell the rest of her story as soon as possible.

90 days fiancee Airs every Sunday at 8pm EST on TLC.

Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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