90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Shares Hospital Update After New Surgery

Jasmine Pineda from fiance 90 days The franchise recently had eye surgery and is happy to see the world without glasses. The 36 year old reality star is best known for her Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago Season 5, in which she develops a relationship with a much older man, Gino Palazzolo. When the movie premiered, most fans expected the pair to have a typical gold-digging plot, with a Panamanian woman using her American partner for money. However, the love journey of Jasmine and Gino is full of twists and turns that make everyone surprised. In 2022, the couple is still together and teases a return to reality TV.

For the past few years, Jasmine has had to battle with poor eyesight that has affected her lifestyle. Therefore, she recently decided to solve this problem by opting for surgery. In early September, she shared a worried message to her fans, asking them to pray for her successful surgery. Her sister then updated everyone by posting photos and videos of Jasmine’s eye treatment. One such clip shows former English teacher Jasmin getting corneal surgery and looking horrible. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and the reality star’s siblings continue to communicate with each other. fiance 90 days audiences.

Now, Jasmine has shared an update on her eyes, revealing that she is recovering from surgery. In her most recent Instagram story, she wrote, “I’m not sick – I’m recovering,” There’s a photo of her in a hospital gown. In the following story, Jasmine shared the last photo of herself wearing glasses. she writes, “I can’t believe I no longer need glasses to see the world, And thank the doctor for helping her. While the Panamanian native has received rave reviews for how she looks without her glasses, her excitement in the post suggests she’s pleased with her results.

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Jasmine also shared some stories of her time in the luxury room, praising her comfort in the hospital. In one segment, she shows off her bed, TV, sofa and other available amenities. In the sequel, she shows how she prepares her clothes and shows off her bathroom, which has a separate shower and many other amenities. Overall, Jasmine seems satisfied with her time in medical care. Her vibrant voice in the clip proves that she is recovering quickly from surgery and is enjoying her new and improved eyesight.

While Gino was not present for Jasmine’s laser eye surgery, he appears to have contacted her via video call. It will be interesting to see how this pair develops into a well-rounded and understanding duo. Unlike Jasmine’s appearance on the TV show, she doesn’t seem to mind that her American partner is not with her for such an important part of her life. Instead, she posted snaps of him and him, showing they’re still going strong. 90 days fiancee Fans should expect Gino and Jasmine to return soon.

Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram

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