90 Day Fiancé: What Happened To Danny & Amy After Season 2?

Danny and Amy Frishmuth at fiance 90 days second season. From Amy’s nostalgia to Danny’s father’s judgment about interracial marriage, the young couple is always at odds. But love finally triumphs now, and six years later, the soon-to-be parents of three live happily ever after.

this fiance 90 days Danny, 21, and Amy, 19, met on a bible school trip. Regardless of age, everyone knows they’ve found someone. Danny proposed at the end of the trip and they were granted K-1 visas. Amy left her entire life in South Africa, moved to the small town of Pennsylvania, and married Danny within 90 days, as required by her visa. After coming to America, it was a rough start. Amy lives with Danny’s brother to ensure they abstain until marriage, but the distance from her fiancé – her only real friend in the new country – frustrates her. It didn’t help that Danny’s father was against interracial relations either.

However, Danny and Amy overcame every obstacle they faced. They are currently enjoying married life in Fort Worth, Texas and raising two beautiful children named Jed and Anna. Earlier this year, the couple announced that they were expecting a second daughter. Amy posted a touching photo of her husband with Anna on Instagram, expressing her appreciation for Danny’s parenting skills. she speaks, “My dad passed away before I was 2 and in many ways, watching Danny’s dad redeemed me and being able to witness all the father and son moments between them was something that… I will cherish forever!The article can be seen below.

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Based on their social media posts about each other, it’s clear that Danny and Amy’s love has grown over time. In an Instagram post celebrating its 5th anniversary, Danny said: “I have learned a lot from you! Thank God – he booked me with someone so different from me! I am truly a different and better person because of you Amzi. ‘ The article can be seen below.

In addition to raising their growing family, Danny and Amy have strengthened their faith. While in Texas, they helped found the Culture of Mercy Church, which aims to encourage people to encounter God daily. Danny said:If you asked us two years ago why we moved to Texas – we would say, “I don’t know, God told us.” Within a year of moving here, the Lord opened the doors and became an incredible part of the church – the Church of Culture of Mercy. God’s faithfulness is wonderful. It is a privilege to listen to and obey Heavenly Father

After investing so much time in my life fiance 90 days Couples, it’s so rewarding to see them succeed…especially those who are downright adorable. Along with Danny and Amy, Season 4’s Matt Ryan and Alafedoruk are still healthy and welcoming a baby girl in April. As for season five’s David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan, who nearly broke up after the 24-year-old Thai found out about their 51-year-old divorced father’s deceitful past, they’re still together… -blade eyebrow look.

Source: Amy Frishmuth Instagram, Danny Frishmuth Instagram

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