A cloud of smoke covers New York: this is what the city looks like after the wildfires [VIDEO]

Depor MX Writing 06/08/2023 12:00 noon. m.

An unprecedented plume of smoke has blanketed New York and other US cities in an ominous orange, and thousands of citizens remain wary of the dangers of breathing harmful air from the burning wildfires. raging in Canada. Authorities urged people to limit time outdoors and wear face masks to avoid inhaling fumes that may contain particulate pollutants. Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Washington DC are currently the areas hardest hit by the smog, while affecting major cities such as Baltimore, Newark, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati or Indianapolis. There are pictures famous!

This is the shape of the George Washington Bridge

This is what the George Washington Bridge looks like (Video: @Breaking_4_News).

This is what New York City looks like

This is what New York City looks like (Video: Twitter).This is what New York City looks like (Video: Twitter).


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