A cunning and mischievous mind will find predators in this deer vision challenge

Depor MX Writing May 23, 2023 12:29 pm

You have seven seconds to find a fox hidden in a picture that seems heavier than it actually is. It’s not easy, needless to say, but it’s there, quietly, out of your sight, and it’s about to eat the easy prey. in this visual challenge You must search for the fox, this wonderfully hidden character, hidden in a picture that few people can see as quickly as your mind thinks. What is this challenge that has made thousands of people think for a few minutes?

Do you think you’re ready to join the viral craze? The visual challenge User cheaters are the last to get stuck, and this challenge aims to be no different. Be cunning like a real predator.

If you think you can find a solution, we’ll go with you, but we’ll see if your ability goes hand in hand with your wisdom to answer this great test. Come on, the challenge is complicated, but not impossible.


Only the evil mind sees the predator in the seven-second deer vision challenge. (Photo: Cool.Guru)


There are two ways to fail this part of the test: either you found the solution (you were quicker than expected and you were good at solving it), or he beat you like the majority. If you are looking for a solution, you have the answer here below.

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Solution to the visual challenge with the deer: this is a predatory cougar.  (Photo: Cool.Guru)Solution to the visual challenge with the deer: this is a predatory cougar. (Photo: Cool.Guru)

Did you enjoy this week’s visual challenge? Is it very easy for you? Well, congratulations if you manage to answer the challenge. And if not, then we encourage you to continue to test yourself for this virus. Want to see more challenges like this? Here we will tell you how to do it. To do this, simply follow the following link: more challenging in Depor, and ready. What are you waiting for? Your moment is now.


The Visual Challenge is the perfect entertainment alternative for users who have free time and want to make the most of it. It involves finding a person, animal, object or number in the picture. Some have time limits and some don’t. They are also known as challenges, visual tests, logic puzzles, or viral. Of course, they are all equally interesting.


Visual challenges created to entertain everyone. They became popular on social media due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many users wanted to avoid infection and stayed in their homes. There, they treat viral quizzes as an alternative to entertainment. Today, these challenges are everywhere.


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