A dog discovers the relaxing sensation of a jet in a jacuzzi

We all use a little indulgence. Sometimes life can get a little tough, and when it does, we need to take things slow. With the way life is a bit fast paced these days, there are plenty of times when we can use our time off. This is where we can all learn an important lesson from our dogs.

When it comes to relaxing and letting off some steam, they are pure experts. They can teach us something about being present in the moment and being able to enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes it’s the little things, like relaxing in a hot tub, that make us feel the best in the world.

And not just those who know how to take a long soak in a hot tub after a busy day. Our dogs can also relax easily with the hot water of the hot tub. And an adorable puppy named Cuzzie has definitely found a way to live the good life. He did this with the help of a family hot tub, which he finally used after a while.

But once he got in, he seemed completely hooked and couldn’t get out. The best part was that Cuzzie stepped in to rest and relax in the family hot tub and was eventually caught on camera – a precious video that went viral.

The video itself has more than 21 million views, and it’s easy to see why people find it so amusing. There’s something almost human about the way Cuzzie relaxes and dips in the cool water. It’s clear that this pampered dog is in touch with his inner peace.

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Perhaps the best part of the video is Cuzzie’s sweet growl. The puppy continues to make these gentle growls as he feels comfortable and places himself near the sprinkler. No doubt this dog is feeling pretty relaxed and wants to make the most of his hot tub.

Check it out below:

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