A family discovers someone hiding in a gutter after hearing a cry

The family was approaching their first evening when they heard a strange sound coming from their window.

They try to track down the commotion and quickly find a brazen cat who decides that the ideal place to give birth to her baby is in the family sewer.

The family was able to bring the two kittens indoors to keep them warm while they believed it would help them to surface.

Both the rescue community and neighboring fire departments provided much-needed support and immediately began working together to come to an agreement.

“The mother cat decided to give birth to her five kittens in the gutter of the property and as a result died so badly we realized we had to get to them quickly.”

The hero has the option of getting the whole family out of the drain without any problems.

No one has come forward to assure her that she and her cats will be available anyway after they relax a bit.

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