A hopeless kitten with no shelter left with all her belongings outside

The woman notices the cat. A crying cat sitting near her belongings was left on the street. A cat is standing in the street with all her belongings on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

It looks like he was abandoned because his owner moved somewhere else to live or he was a male cat and misbehaving in the house.

A woman saw a cat and took a picture of it. After a while, he couldn’t find the cat and she applied to a rescue company to find the cat.

The cat was found in the yard of a woman named Karen. The cat was taken to the vet and its health condition was checked.

The cat is so well behaved that all the staff members love it. The dog was later named Nostrand because that was the name of the street where he was first seen.

Fortunately, the cat has a beautiful home forever. Owner Karen loves and cares about him.

He was a bit stressed at first because he had lived through the difficult days of being abandoned. After a short time, he started to trust people. Now he is very playful and cheerful.

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