A kind woman saved a stray and scared dog lost in heavy snow

A woman named Kristina was driving down the highway when she saw a dead dog freezing on the side of the road.

She stopped the car to save a dog wandering in the freezing cold. At first, the dog looks desperate and doesn’t trust the woman. Labrador breed dog.

The woman tries to get the dog into the car. It was quite hard, but after a while the dog also got into the car. The dog was scared and terrified. But he needs someone to help him.

While the woman went to the store from the supermarket, she fed the dog tortillas and put him in the car. 30 minutes have passed since the woman tried to get him in the car.

The dog jumped out of the car as if understanding that the woman would rescue him from this dangerous life. The woman didn’t even notice that someone was filming the scene.

It turns out this kind woman has saved a lot of dogs because she loves these innocent creatures.

A woman posted a picture of a rescued dog and wanted to know if the dog had a family.

If no one responds, the dog will be adopted and will have a permanent home. Thanks to this generous and kind woman, the dog is now alive and well.

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