A Look Into Hailey Bieber And Justin Bieber Relationship

In an interview with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Hailey Bieber revealed some shocking comments about her marriage and husband Justin’s repeated accusations of Selena Gomez cheating on her. During the conversation, she reflected on most of the issues that have always come with her life, including her stormy but passionate love affair with Justin Bieber.

During the interview, Hailey called Justin her best friend and said:

“Well, we’re married and he’s such an important part of my life.” Sometimes this is unavoidable because our lives have become so intertwined. “I know his last name.”

Justin and Hailey Bieber got married on September 13, 2018, in a New York courtroom, just months after their controversial engagement. “

Getting engaged is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me – Hailey Bieber talks about her love life, marriage and other topics.

Hailey Bieber addressed the speculation surrounding her engagement in an interview with Alex Cooper. As word of their engagement spread, suspicions emerged that Justin proposed to Hailey just to pull Selena back. Hailey, on the other hand, thinks the engagement is the best thing that has happened to her. She describes how everything happened in a flash:

“Honestly, I believe it was because we were both so young. I completely understand. I didn’t expect to get married at such a young age; I believe time moves pretty fast and I completely understand. It seems extreme and crazy, but right now it’s good for both of us.”

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Hailey also addressed Justin’s accusations, as many had previously labeled her a “family wrecker”. She stated:

“People are confused by the timeframe. He wasn’t in a relationship when he and I started dating or anything like that. It’s not in my nature to sabotage someone’s relationship; I was raised better than that.”

Hailey Bieber also said that although she appeared different and stupid on the surface, the truth was very different from Justin and her, especially regarding Selena and the allegations made at the time. Hailey also talked about how she is often compared to other celebrities and how she despises this aspect of her work. She stated:

“A lot of the hate comes from sentences like, ‘Oh, you married him’ and the fact that he wishes he had ended up with someone else.” Okay; you can hope all you want, but it’s not true.”

She briefly mentions mental health and how she’s always been a “people pleaser” but how her treatment and circumstances have changed her. She also talked about her suicidal thoughts and said that she will deal with some problems for a long time.

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She ended the conversation with a message to all of Selena’s fans. She stated:

“You don’t have to like me, but I think between individuals there can always be mutual respect.” That means you don’t have to say anything, in my opinion. Behind this screen is a real human being with a mind and a heart, so be aware that what you say carries weight.”

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Hailey Bieber also revealed that she met Selena Gomez after the wedding and how she knew everything was still going well between the two.

Hailey and Justin have known each other since 2009, but they got married in 2018.

Justin and Hailey first met at a fan meeting in 2009. Hailey was 12 years old then. In 2011, Hailey attended another Bieber Fever event and met Justin for the second time. After three years, Justin and Hailey were spotted together at church, which first sparked rumors of a relationship. At that time, Justin had just broken up with Selena, so there was more reason to suspect Hailey and Justin were dating in 2014. However, the duo denied any relationship with each other. In January 2015, Justin and Hailey Bieber were spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

Later that year they got the same tattoos. Hailey Bieber was also seen on vacation with Justin Bieber and his family at the end of 2015. However, the two have not confirmed whether or not they are in love. But when the pair were spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve 2016 in a much more romantic way, it became clear to the public that Hailey Bieber and Justin were currently dating and that something serious was brewing between them. However, things changed and the couple briefly split from February to August 2016. Justin started dating Sofia Richie around that time.

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At the same time, rumors of “couple” Justin and Selena getting back together made fans stir in November 2017. However, their love affair was fruitless. Then, in June 2018, Justin and Hailey Bieber reconnected. Justin proposed to Hailey a month later, in July 2018, while they were on vacation in the Bahamas. A few weeks later, on July 17, 2018, Hailey revealed her wedding reception, confirming the couple’s impending wedding. Later that year, in September 2018, the couple moved into Justin’s home in Toronto.

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From calling Hailey “wife” to Hailey changing her name on social media from Baldwin to Bieber, the couple has also been on the cover of Vogue. Although the relationship can be difficult at first, Hailey Bieber insists that both are young and that’s what she enjoys most about her marriage.

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