A man adopts a dog with a deadly tumor so it can feel unconditional love before it dies

A dog named Thanos was diagnosed with cancer that quickly spread to his head causing a giant tumor.

The poor boy was rejected by four different families because taking care of him is a huge responsibility.

Luciano Karosas, 21 years old from Berazategui, Argentina adopted Thanos to make sure he feels unconditional love in his final days.

Karosas told Portal Amigo Cao: “I go away with a piece of my heart in hand.

Karosas took Thanos to the vet to see if there was anything they could do to help the poor animal, but it was too late.

Of course, this is hard for anyone to hear, but Karosas makes sure they make the most of the little time they have.

Even though Thanos has a giant tumor on his head, you wouldn’t know it! The dog loves to play and cuddle like any other dog.

It can be difficult to accept that your dog or cat will have limited time on earth. Our hearts are with all dogs and owners.

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