A pair of honeybees join their forces to open a soda bottle in an incredible video

Bees are very deligious and hard working. They are working tireless. Bees are also known to be very gentle and intelligent creatures.

This footage shows honeybees trying to unscrew the bottle. The video went viral both in Twitter as well as all the Internet.

The honeybees join their efforts together and unscrew the bottle of soda. The two bees succeeded in doing this. They became «un- bee- lievable» popular.

The honeybees reached their aim and reached the juice. The footage shows that the bees are cleverer than we think. People should respect their needs.

Bees are not only intelligent but also they have emotion like states. A Brazilian captures the scene. His name is São Paulo. He captured the scene during his break from work.

The man described the footage as «I got a soda from a customer but soon the bees stole it.”

Here is the video:

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