A Peek Look Into Robert Duvall And Luciana Pedraza’s Married Life

Robert Duvall loves two things: his wife Luciana Pedraza and the tango. Duvall became interested in the seemingly simple dance after seeing a performance of Argentine Tango on Broadway in the 1990s. He traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he found his love. With tango, this love became passion.

Duvall ran into his current wife in Buenos Aires. The two met when the actor was on his way to the bakery after discovering that the flower shop was closed. According to the actor’s wife, friends urged her to invite Duvall to a neighborhood party and she eventually agreed. Pedraza and her entourage didn’t expect Duvall to show up, but he did, and she didn’t know who the actor was at the time. However, she said it better because she met the real Duvall, not a movie star.

Robert Duvall and Luciana Pedraza

Eventually, they met and discovered a shared passion for tango. Duvall said one of the reasons he loves his wife is her amazing dancing ability. They got married in 2005. Before the wedding, the Godfather star called her father-in-law 20 years younger than her. He said his wife’s father wasn’t sure whether to call him father or son. Despite the 41-year age difference, the couple is still passionate. Duvall explained why he married Pedraza in an Oscar red carpet interview.

“Women sometimes have more intuition and insight than men, and if you don’t have it, you take it,” he says.

The duo are still married and have collaborated on various projects. One of their most famous works is Assassination Tango, a film about a skilled New York assassin who is seduced by tango while on a mission in Buenos Aires to kill a dictator general. Duvall and his companion co-wrote, directed, and starred in it.

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Robert Duvall’s Relationship Timeline

Duval found in his Pedraza a teammate and a kindred spirit, although he needed more than he expected. He was divorced three times before marrying his girlfriend. Benjamin Marcus married model Barbara in 1964, but ended the marriage in 1975 after a difficult divorce. He then married Gail Youngs in 1982, which ended in a divorce 4 years later. The actor did not give up on finding love and married a third time to Sharon Brophy in 1991. Unfortunately, their marriage also ended in a divorce in 1995.

Robert Duvall

Talking about previous marriages, the actor said that he is not an easy person and that broken marriages are part of the process of life. The actor has no children from any marriage, including his current marriage. He explains that by saying, “I think I’m shooting the void.” The Lonely Dove actor said he tried to build a family with many women, married and unmarried, but failed.

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