A true warrior for life. Dog with cancer survives until reunited with owner

The dog, named Kermie, was not feeling well and was taken to the vet. Turns out the dog had cancer. Veterinarians say the sweet puppy has only two or three months to live.

The dog is strong enough to survive and see its owner. The dog is waiting for its owner to return home after 9 months of training.

The dog’s owner is Eric Ralston. He worked in the United States Navy. The man gives his dog to the woman to keep.

When examined showed his disease. The woman is extremely scared because dogs cannot die without seeing their owners. The dog was a real fighter and after three months he met his owner.

The dog was so excited to see its owner that it jumped into the man’s arms. The dog’s life suddenly changed and he felt better when he saw the man. The dog’s appetite is back.

It was the dog’s 12th birthday and the dog stopped fighting for his life. Dead dog is surrounded by his dear family members.

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