Abandoned old dog is adopted by a family and also gets a job at a gas station

A dog named Nego is an elderly dog ​​abandoned by his owner because of his old age. The dog was adopted by the owner of the gas station. The dog is also an employee of the gas station.

The dog was wildly successful and gained a good reputation. The customer is satisfied with the dog.

The dog greets everyone who enters the gas station. Dogs have their own uniform and nametags attached to the uniform. A dog wags its tail when it sees people.

The dog is very sociable. The dog wasn’t just a stray, it was abandoned. Because of this, the adopters feel sorry for the smart dog. The couple adopted the dog without hesitation.

But he was sent home. He was well fed and bathed in a warm bath. The dog smiled brightly and greeted everyone who stopped by the gas station.

People even come to see him and treat him with gifts. The dog’s owners warn people not to give it anything because it is getting fatter and fatter. The dog took the toy from the neighbor.

People simply adore the cute creature. He even took a break, but quickly returned to his duties.

Dogs, like Neg, just need to spread the love and brighten everyone’s day. Thanks to this dog, the charity encourages people to adopt stray dogs and help take care of them.

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