ACNH Player Learns Villagers Will Notice & Comment On Your Fake Art

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has learned that villagers can notice and comment on fake art displayed in users’ homes. Between the real and fake Animal Crossing art, there’s a huge amount of pieces that can be used for more than just donating to the museum, with some fake art pieces looking arguably better than the genuine articles when it comes to island decoration.

The proprietor of both real and fake art is Redd the kitsune, a devious character that sells both types of art at random whenever he visits islands. Along with other miscellaneous items, Redd sells both paintings and statues, the latter of which can be especially popular to use for inner and outer décor. Statues such as the Great Statue and Valiant Statue stand out due to their size and style, and so are often highly coveted by players. Some pieces of art are always genuine, but most of them have subtle differences that require close examination to find out whether Animal Crossing art is genuine or fake.

It would seem that Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are also capable of spotting the subtle differences between real and fake art and statues. Reddit user devenasaurous posted a picture of a conversation with Audie, who calls out the player’s fake artwork by asking: “How do you feel about faux art? ‘Faux’ means ‘fake,’ but, like, in a good way.” The Redditor notes that they’d not previously known that villagers can recognize fake art, likely due to the visitations from villagers being a feature only recently added in November. The fact that Audie speaks of fake art in a positive light demonstrates that villagers can be inclined to agree that even fake art can be considered stylish.

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update didn’t just add the ability for villagers to visit players’ homes, but also a variety of quality-of-life changes, and the addition of a new place for users to pick up art, both real and fake. Harv’s Plaza, one of the newest features of the game, allows players to build shops for NPCs that normally visit islands randomly each day of the week, which includes Redd. Players can acquire a variety of Animal Crossing items through Redd’s Raffle, such as holding fans, food, and drinks, but as is his usual modus operandi, Redd will mainly sell two pieces of art that are either real or fake.

The 2.0 update also added several new villager conversations, which would explain why this subject came up. With villagers now able to enter players homes, it’s natural that they would comment on the various decoration aspects of their homes, but the fact that villagers would even comment on something like fake art shows the amount of detail put into these conversations. Prior to the 2.0 update, villagers would also mention the Animal Crossing Roost cafe and Brewster to foreshadow its eventual arrival. What these conversations ultimately show is the attention to detail put into the personalities and tastes of these villagers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: devenasaurous/Reddit

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