Agata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiek

Agata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiek

Agata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiek – Women’s Day is on March 8. Agata Adamek of TVN24 and Beata Kozak, the auction winner for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, chose to wrap up the auction on this auspicious day. Both women went swimming in the Rawka River, which is close to Budy Grabskie (ód Voivodeship).

Agata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiek

Agata Adamek was swimming with the auction’s winning bidder.

Mrs. Beata contributed a refundable sum of PLN 6,900 in order to win the Agata Adamek auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and participate in the swim with the TVN24 reporter.

I don’t even consider the prices; instead, I consider the fact that, as a result of Jurek’s efforts, the world is becoming a better place.

Mrs. Beata got ready for this situation. She created unique T-shirts for morsowanie and ordered them. Adamek and the programme “One for One” emblem were on the front, with the motto “We help. Beata and Agata.

The two women exited the lake after a brief dip to warm themselves with a hot beverage from a thermos. The water did not seem chilly at all, as the winner put it, since “their hearts and their conversations were warmed.”

Agata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, WiekAgata Sdamek Wikipedia, Wiki, Wiek

The 31st time they played

On January 29, the 31st Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final took held, with the theme “Live healthy in a healthy world” as the backdrop. The money raised was put towards the fight against sepsis. Because the bought equipment would benefit patients of all ages, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity performed for “small and large” for the first time in its history.

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WOP 2023 will include tens of thousands of different gatherings, performances, and auctions. At 5 am, there was PLN 35,235,679 on the counter of the 31st Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. However, it was PLN 37,226,515 at the time of the formal start, which came after 8.30.

This sum was already PLN 50,268,012 before noon. Over PLN 91 million was displayed on the metre just before Light to Heaven. The reading on the metre during the press conference that evening was PLN 112,477,632. The current estimate for the money earned during the 31st Finals is PLN 154,606,764.

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