Aida Victoria Leaked Video Viral Leaved Twitter and Reddit Scandalized

We all know that most of the social media users make videos to get people’s attention. It is the easiest way to get the attention of a large mass at once and also helps to increase the number of fans and that is why people often post videos on social media. But most of the time people post controversial videos because they went viral easily. There are many people who deliberately post controversial videos, and because of this, many people have become fans.

Video of Aída Victoria is filtered

Aida Victoria is one of those names that usually sticks due to her presence on social media. She is not a social media star, in fact, she is the daughter of the infamous Colombian politician Aida Merlano, and her daughter has won fans for her outspoken views. Now that she has become a special story in the media, it is obvious that many users are finding more details about her and want to know who is she dating and what is her relationship with her mother etc. Through this blog, we will share information that all of you want to know. So don’t skip any part and read everything.

Video of Aida Victoria Merlano is filtered on social networks and viral

Who is Aida Victoria?

Right now there are many people who are talking about your video and want to know what content is mentioned in the video and why it is going viral. Not one or two videos, but most of her videos can tell what type of personality she is and why people are talking about her. She is very popular on social media platforms and has amassed a huge fan following there. She has amassed more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and posts videos daily in which she talks about everything from social and political justice to personal experiences and stories.

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aida victoria

Several of her videos went viral, with viewers praising her intelligence, bravery, and honesty. Not only Aida, but her mother is also a controversial figure. Her mother’s name is Aida Merlano and she is a former Colombian senator. Aida Merlano was convicted of corruption and vote buying. Her daughter had to face a lot of criticism and scrutiny. Although she has also used her social media account to denounce the corruption and injustice that has occurred in Colombian politics, regularly asking for her mother’s release on bail. She is also a strong supporter of women’s rights and fights for their rights. She used to talk about the violence and harassment that women face in Colombia and the world.

aida victoria

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