All American Is Sending The Wrong Message With Patience’s Story

Patience (Chelsea Tavares) on all Americans As a woman who knows who she is, the writers have been slowly changing her. Patience begins as Coop’s (Bre-z) girlfriend, but she soon begins to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. She first worked with Layla Keating’s father (Greta Onieogou), JP Keating (Ray Campbell), but he was changing her music, which didn’t suit her. She fights back and eventually joins Leila’s record label.

Patience’s first album was well received. Now, she is working on her second album. Her growing profile made it difficult for Patience. Leila is trying to guide her into the next phase of her career. Layla also hires Gia (Ashley Argota Torres), a public relations assistant, from her father’s company.exist all Americans In Season 5, Patience and Layla walked the red carpet, but they didn’t come to the event. It’s part of promoting Patience and her brand. It’s a big part of attracting a journalist, but as Clay (Deric Augustine) pointed out, Gia is playing with JP’s script.

Patiently editing her pictures is the wrong message to women

Now that patience has become more popular, more and more people are taking pictures of themselves and posting them on social media. This creates insecurity for anyone. People also post hurtful comments. So Cooper’s new girlfriend Skye (Madison Shamoun Madison Shamoun) decides to help her. She gave her some social media rules and taught her how to edit photos, which changed her appearance. This fuels women’s insecurities that they are not enough.

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It’s hard for women to feel comfortable with who they are because of the way the media portrays women as they should be. This got worse on social media. Patience is supplementing that by correcting what people say negatively about her. The more women do this, the more they show other women that it’s okay to lie to yourself. In return, they become fake people and lose their original self. It can also make women feel like it’s never enough, affecting their mental health.

Patience needs to return to the role of fighting for authenticity

All American patients wear yellow shirts and smile at the camera

Patiently agrees to the plan because she trusts Layla and Gia. Also, she wants her music to have a wider audience. She may not even realize what’s going on. She is lost in the star life she experiences. She wants to go to the next level. She sacrificed her faith for it.

The great thing about Patience’s personality is how unrepentant she herself is. This is the role woman should strive to be. There is also a lot of energy in the show. This is all Americans Writers need to regain their patience. She needs to wake up and find herself changed, or need someone to speak up about what she’s done. Having a storyline about her overcoming her insecurities is one thing, but having her fit into it is no good.

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