Almost no one can spot the sniper hiding in the woods in 30 seconds

Do you think you can spot the sniper hiding in the forest?

If you can do it in less than 30 seconds, you’ve beaten almost everyone else.


TikTok account posts multiple challenging videos to spot snipers hiding in the wildCredit: TikTok/Nate44432

Nathan Daniels shared a tricky riddle on TikTok on June 22.

The account is known for posting videos challenging viewers to find a camouflage-clad hunter.

This clip tests viewers on their speed and accuracy when it comes to spotting discrepancies in an image.

In this particular video, the footage shows a close shot of the forest with sunlight streaming through the trees.

Although the viewing frame is small, the sniper fits the bill perfectly.

Nathan gives viewers just 30 seconds to find the sniper, and not everyone can do it.

“I’m dead,” wrote one, joking that they wouldn’t survive if shot by a real sniper.

“Failed,” admitted another.

Some viewers commented that it looked like the outline of a face in the lower left corner, but they were wrong.

If you’re struggling to find a sniper, this is your clue.

Look past the tree on the right. Do you see something out of place?

If you still can’t find the sniper, scroll to the bottom to see where he was hiding.

Some people who followed the account said it took them two tries before they finally found the camouflaged sniper.

Others thought the puzzle was impossible and insisted that no one could find the sniper.

The sniper was lying on the ground next to the bushes.  You found them?


The sniper was lying on the ground next to the bushes. You found them? Credit: TikTok/Nate44432

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