For 25 years, a Japanese diver has befriended a fish – and it’s real, not a fairy tale.

Hiroyuki Arakawa is responsible for overseeing one of the Shinto religious temples called tori hich that lie beneath the surface of Japan’s Tateyama Bay.

Over the course of the decade, he met sea creatures that lived around the temple and basically befriended an Asian shepherd named Yoriko.

The relationship between them is captured in a viral video in which we see Arakawa greet the fish with a kiss.

Recent scientific research has shown that fish can recognize human faces, which is a big deal. Dr Cait Newport of the University of Oxford told CNN: “The scientists showed the fish two images of a human face and the fish was trained to select a person by spraying their water jet at the image.

“The researcher decided to make things a little more difficult. They paint the picture in black and white, and the head shapes are uniform. You would think you would throw a fish for a loop.

But not. they can pick out a face they know with greater accuracy: 86%!” This is Japanese diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and his 25-year-old friend, a local fish named Yoriko.

Each time they met, the man greeted the fish with a kiss. Their first meeting was when Arakawa was assigned to guard an underwater Shinto shrine. Over the decades, their friendship has grown stronger and that’s something we can all learn from.

Watch the video below:

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