An unbelievable footage.This cat with an unusual heroic spirit guided a lost hiker down a mountain in Switzerland

A cute and smart cat was in the right place at the right time. The cat has a very unique heroic spirit as he could lead the lost hiker to the hostel.

The hiker was just enjoying his walk when he suddenly got lost and could not fjnd the way to the hostel.

He was rather successful as he met a cat who got him out this dangerous state. The cat led the hiker to the hostel and every time looked back to be sure that the hiker follows him.

He guided the man down the mountain. This cat is a real hero and he is considered to be Gimmelwold’s own guide.

This was the one cat that is worth praising. The heroic broke the internet with this story and became rather famous. It is really interesting how a little cat can save a man’s day and give him good vibes instead of worrying.

Here is the video:

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