Ana De Armas Stuns As The DC Universe’s Poison Ivy In New Fan Art

The stunning new DC Universe fan art features Ana de Armas as the next live-action Poison Ivy to take on the role in the new DCU. James Gunn and Peter Safran recently announced the first ten projects for the first chapter of the DC Universe, and Poison Ivy has disappeared. However, several entries on DC’s roster offer some clues that Ivy may be launching her DC Universe in the next few years and that new de Armas fan art images will be available. take on this role.

Digital artist terrible.heroics shared a beautiful concept art of de Armas as DCU’s Poison Ivy on Instagram.

The latest live-action version of Poison Ivy is Batmanversion of the character, debuted in Season 3. However, aside from a few appearances in various TV shows and anime over the past decade, Poison Ivy has yet to return to the big screen, because of her first appearance. Her last appearance was in the 1997 film, batman and robin – played by Uma Thurman.

What role does Poison Ivy play in James Gunn’s DCU?

Gunn and Safran have plans for DC movies and TV shows over the next 8 to 10 years, which will also incorporate games, animation, and comics. Who plays Poison Ivy in the DCU needs to voice the anime character. DCU’s announcement of the roster left some big questions about casting, cross-projects, and absent characters like iconic Wonder Woman. Although Diana Prince didn’t appear in the original version, the character is sure to become part of the new DC Universe, and her circumstances give Poison Ivy hope for future projects.

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Several different entries in the DC Universe’s upcoming plans provide clues as to how Poison Ivy might appear later on. Gunn revealed that projects related to him suicide squad Movie Happening, by John Cena peace Season 2 and new series announced wall makerfollowing Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and members of the group Peacemaker.this birds of prey The cinematic love story of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy may finally come to life in Gunn’s DC Universe.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, one of the most beloved characters in DC live-action history, stars in Gunn’s movie suicide squad – and how that movie’s cast continues in the DCU – the actress is expected to be part of the new DC Universe. birds of prey Show Robbie’s Harry forget about the Joker, leaving her free to enjoy the fan-favorite comic book relationship between Harry and Ivy. If Harley and Ivy hadn’t met in the DC Universe, the plant-based villain might have made his debut in DC’s Swamp Thing – as they shared an affinity with elemental forces that were cast called “green”.

Source: horrible.heroics/Instagram

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